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Habits of the stress-free revealed

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28 August 2017 1 minute readShare
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Australians with the lowest levels of financial stress share several important personal traits, new research has revealed, providing hope for those at the opposite end of the spectrum.

As part of a survey on the financial position of Australians, the Financial Planning Association (FPA) found that around one in four people believed themselves to be “living the dream”, which they defined as having the lifestyle of their choosing, having financial freedom, and having safety and security.

Interestingly, four dominant personality group emerged from the research about how people manage their finances.

It identified the daydreamer, the cruiser, the builder and the go-getter – and which group you fall into has a marked impact on the likelihood of you living harmoniously with your money.

Only 8 per cent of cruisers were living their ideal lifestyle, with twice as many daydreamers (16 per cent) having achieved their dream life, marginally behind the builders, of whom 18 per cent said they were living the lifestyle they wanted.

Unsurprisingly though, go-getters were much more likely to report that they were living the dream, with 37 per cent saying they had achieved their ideal lifestyle, and 72 per cent saying they were financially secure.

For the three in four Aussies who feel they are not living the dream, the research identified these five common traits among those ahead of the curve:

  • 50 per cent of go-getters wake up before 7am
  • 44 per cent spend quality time with their family
  • 19 per cent take time to plan out their diary
  • 16 per cent engage in some kind of spiritual activity or meditation
  • 11 per cent eat out at restaurants

Additionally, go-getters were the most likely to believe they had the personal capacity to create the life they wanted, but were less likely to attribute success to natural intelligence than daydreamers and builders.

Habits of the stress-free revealed
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