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Why businesses should measure employee satisfaction

Julianne Leybag
05 April 2018 3 minute readShare
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Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of any business—but why isn’t employee satisfaction prioritised? MyBusiness explores the importance of measuring employee satisfaction and performance.

Business owners who want to keep track of the overall health of their business should make an effort to determine if their employees are satisfied with their job and working environment.

Conducting an employee satisfaction survey at least once a year used to be the norm for most businesses, but in today’s modern technological age, surveys are easier and faster to do.

As businesses become more innovative by the minute, so should employee satisfaction measurement tools.

The importance of gauging employee satisfaction lies in the following points:

  • Encourage employer-employee discourse
  • Measure and strengthen employee engagement levels
  • Increase employee loyalty
  • Lessen employee turnover levels
  • Achieve business growth and higher revenues

Encourage employer-employee discourse

Businesses which utilise tools to measure employee satisfaction are actually allowing employees to voice their concerns regarding their individual performance and of the business, as a whole. Employees are able to have a venue for feedback—allowing them to be involved in the business development process.

By doing encouraging discourse, business owners are able to show employees that their opinions are important for the business and their presence is vital for the business to remain functioning.

Measure and strengthen employee engagement levels

Employee engagement is one of the top priorities of businesses conducting employee satisfaction surveys. By measuring the level of employee engagement, business owners are able to determine whether employees love what they’re doing or not.

These kinds of surveys usually involve gaining feedback about certain employee satisfaction data, such as employee benefits, job role, career growth options and working environment.

This allows business owners to properly assess what needs to be improved within the business in terms of employee engagement and determine what changes must be implemented in order to address employee concerns.

Increase employee loyalty

If business owners opt to periodically conduct satisfaction surveys among employees, this gives off the notion that the business genuinely cares about the welfare of its employees and that employees are actively involved in the growth of the business.

This leads to more employees who are properly compensated for their efforts—loyal employees who are willing to work long-term for the business and help it achieve new heights.

In addition to encouraging employee loyalty, business owners will also have the opportunity to better understand their employees and get to know their motivation to do tasks efficiently. Employees are also more likely to become loyal to the business if they feel that their grievances are being heard and are properly addressed by their employer.

Lessen employee turnover levels

As more and more employees become loyal to the business, this translates lesser levels of employee turnover. Because employees are generally satisfied with their workload, benefits, and working environment, they are less likely to leave the company.

Conducting proper employee satisfaction surveys ensure that all employees remain committed to their work and contribute to the business in the long run.

If a business is currently facing high levels of employee turnover, a satisfaction survey among employees is usually the best way to determine what improvements need to be made within the business, what benefits should be added or taken away and what needs to be done to ensure a safe and stress-free working environment for employees to prevent them from leaving the organisation.

Achieve business growth and higher revenue levels

Businesses which prioritise employee satisfaction are known to have higher business growth. Business owners actually waste more time and effort for employee trainings and onboarding services if the employees are not committed enough to the business and if employee turnover is high.

If employees are satisfied with what they’re doing, this erases the constant need to hire and train employees to fill up vacated positions. Moreover, employees are also given the opportunity to grow alongside the business, leaving little or no room for them to think about leaving their jobs.

This will translate to higher revenues for the business and optimised growth as the employees become more knowledgeable about their jobs and become more efficient with tasks.

Employee satisfaction is a very important aspect to ensure the growth and development of a business. Failing to allot time and resources for conducting employee satisfaction surveys might cost businesses a lot—leading to slower growth and low profit. No matter what the state of a specific business is, it is never too late to determine what employees truly feel about the business.


Why businesses should measure employee satisfaction
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