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Is outsourcing good for business?

Julianne Leybag
14 June 2017 2 minute readShare
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As the outsourcing industry grows bigger by the year, business owners should consider this as an option to enable business growth. My Business discusses whether or not outsourcing is good for businesses.

Recent technological advancements allowed outsourcing to become a lucrative industry, especially since its benefits far outweigh its pitfalls.

To determine whether or not outsourcing is good for any business, business owners must take note of the following points:

  • Is it cost-effective?
  • Will it save time and effort?
  • Will it leave more time for other important business tasks?
  • Will it boost efficiency?
  • Will it translate to higher ROI?

Is it cost-effective?

Business owners choosing to outsource business tasks are able to save more money compared to businesses who do not outsource. Outsourcing aims to lower the cost of business production while ensuring that the product maintains its quality. Learn more about outsourcing basics here.

Employers usually outsource work to developing countries with a highly educated employee base. This means that it costs less paying outsourced employees in a developing country compared to hiring employees in the business’ home country. Using outsourcing, businesses have access to lower labour and production costs which translates to a long-term cost-effectiveness.

Will it save time and effort?

Outsourcing involves hiring freelancers and/or employees via a third-party outsourcing company. Outsourced employees tend to pay more attention to the work at hand and deliver outputs faster beyond the expected turnaround time because they prioritise the improvement of their image and ratings in the outsourcing and freelance world.

Another reason why outsourcing saves time and effort is that outsourced freelancers and/or employees are experts in their particular fields. Business owners get the value for their money due to the expertise provided by making tasks that require much effort to become minimal without sacrificing too much time.

Learn more about the pros and cons of outsourcing here.

Will it leave more time for other important business tasks?

Outsourcing also allows business owners to focus on creating and implementing strategies aimed at business growth without losing focus on other essential tasks that are not part of growth strategy and development. If employers do choose to outsource, they increase the time to focus on improving the business without sacrificing other important tasks.

If business owners are looking to expand their business while saving time, money and effort at the same time, outsourcing is an interesting venture that can be explored by business owners. It also allows business owners to create solid ties with foreign countries, should they choose to go into offshoring.

Will it boost efficiency?

Businesses that outsource tasks will have the ability to increase internal flexibility and efficiency, making sure that the business can operate round-the-clock. If a business chooses to offshore to foreign countries with an entirely different timezone, this allows the business to cater to customers 24 hours a day while making sure that the business produces high-quality output.

Increased efficiency leaves more room for businesses to focus on expansion, innovation and improving other aspects of the business, such as external relations and marketing.

Learn more about common outsourcing mistakes here.

Will it translate to higher ROI?

The aim of outsourcing is to enable businesses to become more efficient and flexible in terms of business growth and overall production. Outsourced tasks tend to be done faster and more efficiently lessening labour costs and provides business owners more time to optimise their business while having access to a much more diverse talent pool—especially for businesses who offshore.

In time, this reflects as the business experiences higher ROI.

As the outsourcing industry grows, business owners should remain ahead of their competitors and look into ventures like outsourcing to ensure that the business maintains a high level of output to promote business growth without having to sacrifice too much time and money.

Is outsourcing good for business?
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Julianne Leybag

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