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What kind of professionals should I hire to help my business grow?

Julianne Leybag
24 July 2017 3 minute readShare
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Once business owners decide that it’s time to make their business grow, getting help from professionals is a good way to ensure all areas of the business operate smoothly. My Business discusses the top professionals that business owners need to hire for the sake of growth.

Let’s face it: maintaining a business is hard work. While having a couple of helping hands during the early stages of a business is good, sooner or later business owners need additional help when making sure the business remains up and running.

Hiring professional help is a long-term investment—it is important to think thoroughly when deciding what kind of professional will suits the end-goal of the business.

Consider the following when hiring professional advisors for your small business:

  • Accountants
  • PR/Marketing specialists
  • Human resources
  • Maintenance crew
  • IT professionals


Hiring accountants that could assist your small business is particularly beneficial if business owners find bookkeeping and other accounting-related tasks difficult. As accounting is a tedious yet very tricky part of any kind of business, it’s best to not take any chances by improvising and undertaking this task without any prior bookkeeping experience.

Good accountants might be a bit expensive to hire, but in the long run, this will definitely do good things for the business. As the business grows in size and face bigger profit margins, salaries, deficits and other finances may need to be professionally managed.

However, hiring an accountant doesn’t mean business owners can be detached from accounts—the business’ financial condition is a primary concern for all businesses. Make sure to make periodic accounting checks within the business.

PR/Marketing specialists

Contrary to what most people know, the public relations (PR)  and marketing industry can be tricky to navigate—one small step could either make or break a business.

Hiring a marketing professional can be a great help, especially when businesses rely solely on word of mouth and client recommendations to keep their business running.

They can not only help businesses develop a marketing plan that suits their business, but also help devise a long-term marketing plan that is aligned with the goals and vision of the business.

As marketing is an area in which businesses need to excel, a specialist may help businesses gain traction and exposure even from the most unlikely of places.

Human resources

As the business grows, more people are needed to help the business keep up with growing customer demand. There will come a point in time wherein the business needs to hire a separate human resources professional to keep track of all employees coming and going from the business.

Aside from managing the hiring process, HR specialists are also in charge of managing employee benefits, tax forms and payroll.

Hiring an HR specialist goes hand-in-hand with hiring an accountant if the business wants to streamline the hiring and payroll process of the business. Both are very critical and heavy tasks, and hiring an HR specialist allows business owners to focus more on creating strategies for business growth.

Maintenance crew

When a business expands, it’s inevitable that the need will arise to move to a bigger location and purchase equipment necessary to maintain business operations. Hiring a maintenance crew helps businesses, in locations such as storefronts and headquarters, remain in tiptop shape and conducive for employees to work in.

Maintenance work can include anything from maintaining office surroundings to making repairs. This shouldn’t be overlooked by business owners—especially if businesses want to remain spotless while being able to allot time to focus on the business expansion.

IT professionals

Hiring information technology (IT) professionals might be deemed unnecessary by tech startups whose owners have a lot of computer-related experience. However, businesses actually need to hire tech specialists who can help fix issues from wiring and setting up new desktops to maintaining internet connections.

IT professionals can also be tapped to manage centralising critical business information and devise strategies on how the business can keep updated by going digital and automating certain parts of the business. An IT professional can take a lot of work off from a business owner’s hands while making sure the business remains as tech-savvy and advanced as it claims to be.

Business owners don’t have to do all the work involved in a business even if they claim that they can do so. Business expansion can literally leave them with zero time to do anything else, and hiring actual specialists that can make sure the business continues growing and operating at the same time can further growth.

What kind of professionals should I hire to help my business grow?
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