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What business are you really in?

Maree Hamilton
07 December 2011 3 minute readShare
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Maree_HamiltonAccording to Maree Hamilton unless you appreciate that all business is built on relationships and that you have to market your products and services effectively you won't succeed, no matter how well you perform at your core business


If I was to ask you this question, your answer would surely be your core business right?

WRONG! You are actually also in the people and marketing businesses as well! The reason is that all business is built on relationships whether we like it or not, and we all need to market our business.

What would you do if your big business break came down to ONE conversation with a key decision maker of a large corporation?

Maree Hamilton


Unless you invest time and money into developing relationships and marketing, your business success will most likely only seem like a dream.

I have seen so many businesses that are missing out on amazing opportunities.

I was an accountant specializing in small and medium sized business consultancy for over 20 years. I analysed  successful businesses & saw what factors they all had in common. Generally the traits that they all shared were: passion, innovation, lateral thinking, people skills, marketing, mastering media , empathy, risk-taking and adapting to change.  The most successful businesses I dealt with invested in three key areas – networking, marketing and media!

Do you belong to a business network?

Do you have a professional media kit and media strategy?

Have you created a least a one page marketing plan which narrows down your niche?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to start working ON your business.

Let’s face it, at one time or another we all feel uncomfortable talking to people we don’t know. From my own experience when I have had business meetings to develop my joint venture projects, the manner in which I relate and convey my message secures the deal! The first 30 seconds you spend talking to someone cements their judgement of you.

The business world is very judgemental.If you are reserved like I used to be then you MUST change your mindset  to network for results  - your success depends on it! My suggestions for excelling at building business relationships are as follows: 

  • Join two business networks (not groups that expect you to refer, but groups that focus on creating alliances).
  • Attend at least two networking events per month to broaden your network..
  • Attend networking events alone to maximise your networking.
  • Consider who the audience will be at each event.
  • Join online social networks such as Branchout, Linked In, Twitter and Facebook.

Marketing is SO important to every business. You can excel at your core business but unless you market your business well, how can you expect your customers to know about you? Also while I'm on the subject, you should also know exactly why you are different from your competitors and why your customers would choose you over your competitors. If you don’t know this how can you expect them to know?  You really need to improve on what your existing market offers or solve the problems of your customers and sell with emotion. Innovation is the “buzz” word in business right now, but for a very good reason. If your business is innovative in its culture and products and services then you are well on the way to success!

My March 2012 conference has been developed to help businesses to work ON their business with the assistance of business coaches, social media gurus, marketing and media experts and web and SEO experts. 90 percent of what you do should be marketing driven – change your mindset and think of how you can be perceived as an expert in your field.

Maree Hamilton is a business strategic alliance specialist. She is a Public Speaker, and CPA accountant - she has dealt with thousands of small to medium sized businesses. She teaches businesses how to become innovative, stand out from the crowd & work on relationships which are paramount to business success!  Maree also has a business networking group which holds events in many Melbourne suburbs  – www.networkevents.com.au. If you would like  to find out how Maree can help your business reach new heights by working on relationships you can email her at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What business are you really in?
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Maree Hamilton

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