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Top reasons why businesses should invest in people

Julianne Leybag
03 October 2017 2 minute readShare
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The proliferation and efficiency brought about by digital technology and artificial intelligence doesn’t mean that businesses should stop hiring and investing in their employees. Here are some of the common reasons why investing in employees remains important for businesses.

Two of the most common misconceptions that business owners have about technology are that innovation can only be achieved if their business goes fully digital and that business automation is a definite sign of advancement for the business.

However, most businesses fail to see that in the long run, customers are much more likely to spend money with businesses that are customer-centric. This focus on customers can only be done by employing actual people in the business.

Companies that invest in their people also tend to last longer in their respective industries compared to businesses who rely solely on digital-based processes.

Some of the other reasons why businesses should invest in people are:

  • Great talent and great people stay longer
  • Helping employees grow on their own
  • Long-term cost-effectiveness
  • Increases customer loyalty

Great talent and great people stay longer

What does it mean to invest in a person? It means allowing people in the business to grow their talents and skills and achieve their career goals.

If businesses have the foresight to invest in people’s futures and nurture their employees, this increases employee retention—making talented employees lesser inclined to leave and instead opt to stay in the business.

It also streamlines the hiring process and gives employees various chances for possible career growth within the business—making it more attractive for job candidates to choose an employer who puts a premium on the welfare and personal development of its employees.

By doing this, the business maintains its good reputation and gains a significant edge over its competitors in their respective industries.

Helping employees grow on their own

The main reason why good business leaders invest in people is that they know that the value of human employees far outstrips that of digital automation and artificial intelligence.

By creating avenues for the growth of its employees, the business is able to grow together with its employees. This allows employees to become experts at their role, which will ultimately translate to positive revenues and a better image of the business.

If the business is looking to bring in and build future managers, employee training is essential to help them learn more about how the business works in all areas, whether management, services or finance.

Mentorship programs allow employees to become experts while inducing business growth.

Long-term cost-effectiveness

Businesses that invest in the professional development of its employees tend to save more in the long run compared to businesses who fail to properly train their workforces.

Employee growth is essential for all kinds of businesses—and thus, can only be achieved if the business has the foresight to properly train its employees.  

If the business has avenues for employee development, employees are more likely to become skilled at multiple areas, with distinct advantages for both employer and individual. This allows the business to maximise the value of its human resources, while also driving operational efficiencies and productivity growth. 

However, if it is done wrong, they may end up hiring hordes of potential employees that fail to grow and learn within the business.

Increases customer loyalty

A business that prioritises the welfare of its employees naturally gains increased efficiency in its business functions. This increased efficiency creates a positive image for the business and enables it to attract an increased number of new customers while retaining the loyalty of its old customers.

Employees would only care for the business’ customers if the business looks after their welfare and gives them proper professional training. If the business fails to do this, the likelihood of the business having a shoddy public image increases, spelling disaster for the business in the long run.

Investing in people is always worth it, no matter what type of industry the business is in. If done correctly, this can be very beneficial for business owners, customers and employees.

Top reasons why businesses should invest in people
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Julianne Leybag

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