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Rest and rejuvenate

Tania Katsanis
09 February 2012 2 minute readShare

In this month's blog, Tania Katsanis of Flowers by Fruit talks about the importance of unwinding after the stresses of the festive season.

I last left you with insights on how I get my business ready for the Christmas rush, now that the madness is over, there is a fundamental need for the team and myself to recharge the batteries.


In short our Christmas was fantastic. We were frantically busy working around the clock, but  thankfully very organized, so we worked stress free, but by the time 3pm Christmas Eve rolled around the entire team was exhausted not to mention the fact that most of us hardly saw our loved ones during that period.

Tania Katsanis


You can never underestimate the importance of resting both your body and mind after such a manic time, so  Flowers by Fruit ensures that we get some rest before the new calendar year and we have to start all over again. We have what is technically called a “forced shutdown”, but in reality it is much needed “rest time”.  The business closes at 3pm on Christmas Eve and reopens in the second week of January with a fresh, well rested team and a new energy to take on the new year.


So not only do I get to rest, spend time with my family and just have my mind free of anything associated with work (well as much as I possibly can, I love my baby Flowers by Fruit, it is after all my first born), the store gets that little extra attention it needs after working so hard too.


During our R&R our store gets a little TLC, we have a really thorough spring clean, our delivery vans are all serviced, washed and given pretty much a pampering session. I know I am not alone experiencing that really good feeling you have after you have spring cleaned your home and everything feels clean, new and fresh! Well I have that same feeling with after my break and the store and vans are sparkling.


I cannot express how much more re-energized I feel after that short break, it’s like I have been revitalised and inspired to come and take on a new year with more enthusiasm, excitement and commitment than ever before. I regain that spring in my step. It all sounds crazy I know, but it’s true.


Having a timeout also allows you to step back and look at your business with a fresh pair eyes.  You have a better opportunity to assess if there any key areas for improvement.  And believe me, you need to fine tune your business all the time.


Depending on your business, it is a fundamental necessity that you take a voluntary timeout so you can recharge your work batteries, otherwise you do seriously run the risk of burnout and this in the long run could end up making you hate your business, job and more.


Whether you are a working mum, dad or just a person who wants a life outside work, it is important that you give yourself the time to breathe, rest and recuperate after a busy time.


The benefits on your health and wellbeing are too great to be measured.


Rest and rejuvenate
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Tania Katsanis

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