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Create Success From Stress

Amanda J Scott
08 August 2019 2 minute readShare

Promoted by Create Success from Stress.

Does your business or company stay on top with productivity and performance consistently without negatively impacting your people?

If yes –

Well Done, congratulations, you are in the minority and no doubt have already implemented some powerful stress harnessing strategies that I am passionate about.

If not, don’t despair, you’re in good hands, this can be remedied. As reported in Create Success From Stress, it is stress overload that is holding you back.

Feeling heavy with responsibility and expectations to perform and produce quality work time after time? Too many late nights in the office, struggling to keep up with the pressure? Taking work home and becoming sleep deprived?

It’s this type of over-stress that needs to be lifted and released.

Traditionally some have looked at stress as a completely negative factor and gone to some extreme lengths to try and eliminate it.

The problem with this is that often strategies that avoid stress and are detrimental, simply put a band aid over the real underlying issues that need addressing.

Create Success From Stress believes that the aim is not to eliminate stress completely but to learn how to transform and reduce the unhealthy high levels of stress that many know all too well and change this through a proven 5 step process, so it actually becomes a positive force for growth.

Studies from the Berkeley University in California have shown that we need a certain amount of stress to entice the brain to develop new cells. However it is hard to develop new cells when all the built up unhealthy stress is still there.

Today it’s important for businesses to incorporate a stress management program that deals with the underlying issues. This is how to get back in control, when things are out of control.

With the implementation of these programs, companies are then able to improve the wellbeing and health of their employees, reduce-absenteeism, create a safe, productive and fun growing work environment.

The CSFS program looks after purpose driven business and companies. By developing a process that divides stress into 8 unique areas that clearly identifies where the underlying issues arise. Once released the program takes you through a process of harnessing the everyday stress that enhances productivity and performance.

Fear is one of the underlying areas that commonly arises. 

  • This can result in making mistakes, distrusting decisions, dissatisfied outcomes to name a few.
  • By creating more trust without the fear there is clarity with decision making and desired outcomes achieved.

Edible Beauty founder Anna Mitsios, an internationally beauty brand, went through the CSFS program.  

“I was hesitant and scared to take steps to move forward, not trusting in the process of growth and expansion.”  

“After a short time on the CSFS program I built the confidence to hire staff to assist in expanding the business. I was able to trust in my company’s potential to expand.”

“I stopped taking my laptop home which benefited my relationship. And I was able to attract the people and processes I required to successfully grow and move away from the restricted mindset. CSFS allows me to see the positive side of stress and how it can be used to propel myself and my business forward.” 

CSFS would be delighted to give the first 5 companies the opportunity to book a free 1 hour consultation normally valued at $200. So be quick to click and email you entry.

Create Success From Stress
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Amanda J Scott

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