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My Business meets Sharon Chim of queenbee.com.au

Sharon Chim
06 June 2011 1 minute readShare
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My Business meets Sharon Chim, founder and director of the online maternity clothing store Queen Bee. Sharon shares her technology and productivity tips, and reveals the most important person on her team.

Q: What are your most effective work habits?

A: I have a few:

  • to keep my inbox cleared daily
  • a detailed marketing calendar drafted for the entire year so we are completely organised and prepared for each promotion
  • keeping great records and reconciling our accounts weekly; as a former accountant I am constantly number crunching making sure we are performing to target
  • outsource when you need to

Q: The most important person in my business is ... because ...

A: My accountant. Some people meet with them annually, I am in contact weekly! For our growth these past couple of years it’s important to do constant tax planning throughout the year and consult on business strategies regularly to ensure their successful implementation will provide the essential results.

Q: What’s the best business decision you’ve ever made?

A: To move the business out of my home and purchase a warehouse. Finally taking the plunge made it all worthwhile.

Q: How do you delight customers?

A: We know what ladies love – fast delivery, gorgeous packaging, promotional flyers and catalogues and little treats from time to time like custom queenbee notepads…

Q: What’s your favourite piece of business technology? Why?

A: I’m a bit of a technology geek – I embrace anything that helps run the business and my life more efficiently. Apart from my iPad and Blackberry I would have to say cloud computing is my favourite right now. It enables me to work from anywhere – home, office or on the go and I no longer need to lug my laptop with me anymore.

Q: How do you relax?

A: Graphic design is my ‘self-taught hobby’ so I relax by updating the graphics on my site. I think of the homepage as my canvas for creativity and am inspired by what I see and experience daily.

My Business meets Sharon Chim of queenbee.com.au
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Sharon Chim

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