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Renovate and rejuvenate

Phillip Tarrant
23 June 2016 1 minute readShare

One of the greatest satisfactions I get as the editor of My Business is chatting with fellow SME owners and hearing their stories.

Every business owner has a story – how they went from working for someone else to making the leap of faith into self-employment.

To be fair, self-employment is not for everyone. And growing a business beyond just yourself takes a particular set of skills that doesn’t come naturally to us all.

The good news is that a lot of these skills can be learned – and with the right blend of education, reflection and doggedness, success can be accessible to us all.

However, every business owner will get into a rut at some point. A lot of running a successful business is pure hard work – grinding and hustling every single day to get the job done, often without a lot of immediate reward. It can wear us all down, and it’s often hard to identify when you might be falling into this pattern.

I had a chat recently with our local cafe owner. He has a nice operation next to the train station in the suburb where I live; he also has a more specialised bespoke restaurant on the same street.

He was lamenting to me the fact that he had become bored with his work and pretty much had enough of the day-in, day-out trials and tribulations of running his cafe.

When I asked him what was going on with his restaurant – where I had seen some work getting done – his eyes lit up.

He told me he’d just come back from a well-earned holiday; but rather than just sitting on the beach, he had travelled Asia seeking inspiration, new ideas, new ingredients and new food combinations. The product of this was the decision to shut down his restaurant, re-model, launch a new menu, recreate the vibe and attitude and reopen.

He decided to renovate his whole business, and in the process he has renovated his outlook towards his business and why he’s doing it.

The process has truly rejuvenated his mind, his business and his energy levels, and he’s again found his raison d’être. He was apt enough to identify that he had entered a rut and needed to find his way out of it – now he’s flying.

Our abilities as business owners start and end with our energy and passion – everything else will flow from this. If you find yours wavering, it’s time for a renovation.

Renovate and rejuvenate
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Phillip Tarrant

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