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Magnetic Branding by Zahrina Robertson

Staff Reporter
03 June 2016 1 minute readShare
Magnetic Branding: The Complete Guide for a Brand That Attracts book cover

“Your name is your brand and your face is your logo,” writes Zahrina Robertson. As a woman who owns her own photography and video business, it’s clear that Robertson knows what she’s talking about when it comes to presenting yourself in the best light.

Product Details:

  • Author: Zahrina Robertson
  • Publisher: Zahrina Branding Studios
  • RRP: $35.95



Magnetic Branding is far from a typical text-heavy book with ‘follow my advice or you’ll fail’-type content; Robertson lets her images speak for themselves, demonstrating how your portrait on a website or social media profile can reveal more about you in an instant than words ever could.

Robertson outlines how everything from your facial expressions through to physical stance, location and colours can help you present yourself in your ideal way – whether it be professional, happy, contemplative, quirky, relaxed, energetic or anything else you could possibly imagine.

As well as tips on how to create or overhaul your personal brand, Robertson includes 15 brand stories from other business leaders and a style guide on how to dress yourself for the persona you wish to convey in your images – including the caregiver, the rebel, the creator and the ruler.

Very much written from Robertson’s own opinions and experiences, Magnetic Branding is a unique take on branding and the role you as a business owner play in helping your brand connect with its customers.

Magnetic Branding by Zahrina Robertson
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