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Useful Belief by Chris Helder

Staff Reporter
28 July 2016 1 minute readShare
The cover of Useful Belief

Chris Helder delivers a core message in Useful Belief about viewing aspects of the world as useful, while also accepting what comes your way.

Product details:

  • Author: Chris Helder
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • RRP: Paperback: $19.99;
  • e-book: $12.99

Helder opens the book with the narrative of Simon, who’s travelling to Barcelona to deliver a presentation. He starts off as a cynic, but comes across other characters who conveniently talk about the idea of ‘useful belief’. It's definitely an interesting take on the business management genre.

The concept of useful belief is broken down in more depth in the latter half, and will definitely help business owners tackle their own cynicisms and beliefs that can be detrimental to their business.

As Helder goes into detail, the notion of useful belief is contrasted against the more established 'positive thinking' mantra: that everything must be viewed as fantastic all the time and nothing will ever go wrong. As anyone in business knows, if someone tells you nothing has gone wrong in their business, they're lying.

Instead, useful belief challenges business owners to look at the helpful things in situations that can't be changed, which can end up making the worst situation manageable.

For those who have an interest in travel-based fiction, Useful Belief has an additional layer worth looking into, but those who don't will find more meat towards the latter half. 

Useful Belief by Chris Helder
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