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Money & Mindfulness: Living in Abundance, by Lisa Messenger

Monica Kade
08 December 2015 2 minute readShare
Cover of Money & Mindfulness

Lisa Messenger’s latest book discusses the the in’s and outs of money and behind the scenes of building The Collective Hub.

Product details:

  • Author: Lisa Messenger
  • Publisher: Messenger Publishing
  • RRP: Paperback: $29.95
  • e-book: $9.99

Cover of Money & Mindfulness


Do you have big dreams and big plans, but lack the resources to pursue them?

Do you find yourself saying “If only I had the money…”?

Are you too embarrassed to ask to ask others for help?

If you answered yes to the above then I think it might be a good idea to boil the kettle, brew a cup of tea and sit yourself down in your favourite spot to devour the insides of Lisa Messenger’s latest book, Money & Mindfulness.

Lisa is the founder of The Collective Hub and a serial entrepreneur, with Money and Mindfulness being her third best-selling book in her business (and life) story.

In this book, Lisa reveals how she has built a “global brand, and launched a magazine sold in more than 37 countries, without having to borrow a single cent from a bank”.

Got your attention now? Good!

If you’re looking for practical, simple guide, but something that’s got the goods, this book is for you.

Whether you’re a start-up or have been running the race for a few years, inside these pages you will find little golden nuggets that you can take away and apply to your own life and business.

Lisa’s book encourages you to become aware of your relationship with money, understand and know your worth, recognise what is “enough” money (for it varies from person to person) and shows you the people and professionals you need by your side when jumping into the business game.

Money & Mindfulness is an offering, rather than a ‘how to’ or ‘process’ and it allows for you to take what resonates and apply it to your own business, while it also sets sparks to your own creativity.

It will show you where your fear resides, it will show you how you can become aware of it and either use it to rise above your current circumstances or fall victim to fear and the dissolution of your dreams.

It’s simply uncomplicated and just because Lisa uses the words “mindfulness” and “abundance” on the front cover, don’t be deterred if you think it’s walking into spiritual territory, for those who aren’t into that cup of tea - just saying.

Lisa’s hustle, her sheer drive to succeed at her dream is admirable. She’s definitely not willing to bow down to her fears, nor to those who tell her no and from that place, it’s what allows her to continually soar.

For me, this book was a real eye-opener and game changer into approaching business in a new way – my way. It opened the can of unstoppable and creativity within me as I hope it does for you. A great read to have you exploding into the New Year with a bang!

Money & Mindfulness: Living in Abundance, by Lisa Messenger
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Monica Kade

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