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Finding franchisees and picking partners - Flowers by Fruit's franchise adventure continues

Tania Katsanis
22 August 2011 2 minute readShare

Tania Katsanis talks us through another important step in the process of franchising her business - finding franchisees and service providers such as a PR agency to help Flowers by Fruit bloom.

Hi it’s Tania again, here to take you through the next part of my franchise journey. So we’re at a stage where we’ve got our framework sorted, so the next step is figuring out how we get others to come on board. And it’s not just anybody we’re looking for; we’re looking for the people who will really feel at home as part of the Flowers by Fruit, franchise family.Tania_Katsanis_large

We have just started this part of the journey so I am prepared for the slow and steady road ahead. To help kick start this process we have started to implement our marketing campaign.

I wanted to work with a PR agency I could trust for this chapter of my business. I briefed a number of agencies, some of which weren’t really interested in taking on Flowers by Fruit, simply because we weren’t big enough. Then I found Zing who helped me devise a PR campaign, not only to recruit new franchisees but also to keep the momentum of the current Creation Centre going.

The PR journey thus far has been interesting in the sense that we need the PR exposure to let the world know we’re ready for our franchising step forward, however the media will only be interested in your story once you have established yourself and have a recruited new franchisees. We’ve also conducted consumer activity to indirectly attract new franchisees, which involved outreaching to food lovers via blogs.   It’s a funny place to be, but it’s also a great place to be as it challenges us to think outside the box as well as utilise other marketing tools such as magazine ads, our delivery vans and in store signs, information leaflets, consumer sampling and of course our website.

I believe the Flowers by Fruit franchise is suited to people who love dealing with people and “Delivering Happiness”. For a Creation Centre Franchisee, this person will love working in a kitchen with food and creating exciting products. They do not necessarily have to have the experience as we provide all the training but they must have a creative flair and work well under pressure. We are looking for people who can think on their feet and will have a good understanding of their region. This will be helpful when they plan their delivery run for the day. They must love an early start and be able to organise themselves, their orders and their team. Our Creation Centre franchisee must be customer focused and be willing to work as part of a team. All franchisees must work proactively to grow their business and be willing to contribute to the growth of the business as a whole.

The Edible Gift Guru (EGG), is a salesperson who has the flexibility to choose the hours that they work. They are self-motivated and can handle difficult customers and rejection well. They are able to approach a prospective customer with confidence and passion. An EGG must also be able to work as part of a team as they will be directly linked to a Creation Centre, where they will work with the franchisee to execute all the local area marketing campaigns. An Egg must love developing relationships with his/her customers and have excellent time management.

People who expect to be spoon-fed are definitely not for this franchise or any franchise for that matter. A franchise gives an individual the security of joining an established team, with the autonomy to run their business independently.

Finding franchisees and picking partners - Flowers by Fruit's franchise adventure continues
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Tania Katsanis

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