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How to build the office for the future now

Written in collaboration with Merchants
Written in collaboration with Merchants
05 March 2018 3 minute readShare

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Have you thought about what your office will look like in the future? At the speed at which technology is evolving, you need to be ready for the changes ahead. How will the digital revolution impact your space? Where will your staff work from and for how many hours?

Taken from The Future Of Call Centre Design and written in collaboration with Merchants, specialists in Contact Centre and Customer Experience, here are some of the transformations your office may have to adopt in order to remain relevant in the future.

Building a comfortable working space

It’s becoming more important to consider the comfort of employees; they are the biggest assets to your business’ success.


Aside from providing your team with the training they need to use their equipment and resources properly, it’s also important to ensure they’re comfortable in their working space. This can be achieved by providing good furniture and tools to make their work easier.

“From wireless keyboards and peripherals, to footstools and chairs with sufficient lumbar support, keeping people comfortable is paramount,” says Merchants.


Family-friendly offices will also be the new norm, with the introduction of more flexible working hours and childcare options. This is one of the 12 trends shaping the office of the future, according to The Telegraph. All these will contribute to making the office space more comfortable and keeping your team happy and motivated.

Layout just as important as space

For your team to move freely and comfortably you need to pay more attention to the layout of your office space. You want your staff to be happy at work, so think of creating an area where people can relax. This has become common practice in several companies across the world.

The area where employees can relax should be inviting and suitable for socialising and allow people to have their meals during lunch and tea breaks. Having this area can play a vital role in the success of an office space, because staff often spend the majority of their time in the office.

Enabling them to socialise and get to know each other can help build meaningful relationships, breaking down the silos that often stop collaboration in organisations.



Relaxing areas can have multiple roles in your business. Certain luxuries can add to the company culture and personality. Items can include coffee machines, a gym, cosy couches, and even restaurants or cafeterias, according to an article on Entrepreneur Magazine.

Giving your staff a home away from home is a great way to motivate them, and a happy workforce results in happy customers.

Providing smart software solutions

It’s becoming increasingly important to give your workers access to smart software solutions that will enable them to efficiently and confidently service customers.

“If a team member is confident that he/she has all the tools needed to perform the job at hand, they’ll be more comfortable and effective at providing a resolution, and even exceeding the customer’s expectations,” highlights the Merchants article.

It was also found that employees can be up to 30 per cent more productive when using dual monitors.

Other trends shaping the office of the future

According to an article that was published on The Telegraph, the following are the other top trends shaping the office of the future:

  • Introduction of shared-desk office spaces by 2020 (hot-desking)
  • Using sensors to adapt to changing weather conditions and occupancy levels in real time (energy-saving buildings)
  • Access to more natural light (biophilic design)
  • Availability of wearable devices for tracking physical activity (wearable tech for workers)
  • Telepresence will make setting up physical meetings a thing of the past (virtual reality meetings)

Another trend is that offices are adapting themselves to work processes.

“Future offices are providing employees with differentiated, changing work environments, which offer settings to support a variety of tasks. Rigid room structures are disappearing. Space needs to be designed around the tasks to be performed. In the future, good office architecture will be defined even more by the demand for efficient work processes,” said Wiesner-Hagner, an Australian specialist for office furniture.

Final thoughts

While technology and innovation will play a key role in shaping the office of the future, the industry also needs to analyse the key points where technology can support and improve business and user experiences with the current developing trends in mind.

There are business process outsourcing solutions, from service providers such as Merchants, that can help you achieve your service goals by providing insights into how you can optimise your office environment.

How to build the office for the future now
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Written in collaboration with Merchants
Written in collaboration with Merchants

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