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My Business meets - Drenka Andjelic

The My Business web team
04 November 2011 1 minute readShare

Drenka Andjelic's Construction Assignments is one of Australia's leading project management firsms and Drenka is one of the leading women in this male-dominated field. She shares some of her insights and experiences in this Q&A.

Construction Assignments has worked on prestige projects like international hotels and the Spirit of Tasmania ferries. Managing Director Drenka Andjelic is one of the company's key leaders and shares her insights and experiences in this Q&A.

Q: What's the one thing you wish you knew before you started business?

A: I wish I knew that.... it's what 'you' think of 'you' rather than what anyone else thinks of you before I started. Once this realization occurred, everything fell into place with a reliable inner confidence that continues to serve me.

Drenka Andjelic

Q: What do you drive, and why?

A: I drive a Volvo because its safe & sexy (don't forget I'm an engineer).

Q: Gen Y: are they as demanding as everyone says.

A: The three Gen Y's I employ are not demanding at all. They are hardworking, motivated and delightful contributors. As with all team members, my communication needs to be tailored to resonate with what they value. We all value different things. I take pride in working out what's important to individuals and making it work for the business collectively.

Q: What is your favourite networking activity and why?

A: A long lunch is my favourite networking activity as it provides an opportunity to get to know people in a relaxed atmosphere. A lunch commitment is evidence of both parties wanting to develop the business relationship. Our small world gets smaller over nice lunches with industry participants.

Q: Best tip for managing people?

Trust them.

Q: How do you delight your customers?

A: We try to anticipate their needs. This requires developing an intuition through listening carefully. Standing in their shoes.


My Business meets - Drenka Andjelic
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