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How to find commercial cleaning contracts

Julianne Leybag
09 July 2018 2 minute readShare
magnifying glass looking contract how to find commercial cleaning contracts

Of you as a small business owner plan to grow your commercial cleaning business, attracting clients and winning commercial cleaning contracts is a top priority. Read on as My Business helps small business owners prepare for and perfect the business’ services, personnel, and that all-too-important commercial cleaning service bid to get that cleaning service contract you've been aspiring to secure. 

To make sure that one’s commercial cleaning business stands out and  is ahead of the competition, consider the following useful tips:

  • Prepare and perfect your cleaning services and personnel
  • Strengthen your brand and company profile
  • Employ sound marketing strategies
  • Know and study your potential clients and get in touch with them
  • Go beyond ordinary cleaning services

Prepare and perfect your cleaning services and personnel

The reality is is that one’s cleaning business is not the only company that offers to serve and satisfy the commercial cleaning needs of would-be clients. To have a competitive edge against competitors, train the staff to become reliable expert cleaning personnel. Make sure to provide what competitors do. Think of ways to offer customised services that only one ’s company can offer —making the business stand out and outdo competitors.

Prospective clients will only award a cleaning contract when the business delivers excellent cleaning services and bring more value of their money.

Strengthen your brand and company profile

A solid branding image can make one’s business easily recognisable by prospective clients among hundreds—or even thousands—of competitors.

The contract bidding process requires business owners to build and maintain a strong brand and company profile. Consider hiring a professional with a proven expertise in creating a compelling and solid brand and profile for your commercial cleaning business.

A strong company image and brand includes the expertise of the business’ employees, the list of companies that the business had provided commercial cleaning services, and the awards and commendations collected throughout the years.

Employ sound marketing strategies

Designing an effective marketing strategy or sets of strategies to grow client reach and strengthen market base can be done by having a website. A website is the business’ main online brand platform. Start establishing a strong social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Make sure that the business' website, social media accounts, and all other online presence are mobile-ready and mobile user-friendly. Invest in an expert website and digital assets optimisation for mobile users, responsive website design and speedy loading, and efficient user experience optimisation involving site search, commerce, calls, forms entry, and general mobile usability.

Have website content that is engaging and effective. Good online content means sharp, crisp visuals and minimal but clear and easy-to-understand text. All online content should generate website traffic to your main website where clients can browse through the business’ commercial cleaning service offerings.

Know and study your potential clients and get in touch with them

Presenting the range of reliable and professional commercial cleaning services that the business offers by stating in your proposal whether the business offers office cleaning, multi-use commercial space cleaning, and even apartment cleaning.  

Compile a list of prospective clients, and get in touch by sending a compelling business proposal. A good cleaning business proposal contains service offers aimed at satisfying the potential client’s cleaning needs. Study potential clients to identify specific commercial cleaning service needs by visiting potential client’s location and/or site. A business owner could also talk to people who are familiar with the commercial establishment, and/or contact the owner or manager of the potential target commercial establishment to ascertain what cleaning services are needed.

Go beyond ordinary cleaning services

Go beyond what is expected of a reliable and professional commercial cleaning services provider, by providing excellent commercial cleaning services and by exceeding expectations. This way, the business will benefit from increased client referrals that may increase the business’ current client base.

If, as a small business owner, you are just starting a commercial cleaning business, read the article “Buying a cleaning business’.

Ask advice from a business advisor, trusted lawyer, and professional accountant to assist you in navigating the complexities of running a cleaning business and driving towards the business’ profitability and continued success.

How to find commercial cleaning contracts
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