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Supervisor, business fined $10k for safety failures

Sasha Karen
Sasha Karen
30 August 2018 1 minute readShare
Failed signage, safety failures

A construction business and its co-director and supervisor have been fined $5,000 each for constructing and signing off a non-compliant roof that was subsequently destroyed during a storm.

WA-based homebuilder Mandurah Homes and Todd Andrew Green were fined over failing to manage and supervise a building service over the construction of a two-storey Halls Head property constructed between 2015 and 2016. In July 2017, a section of the tin skillion roof flew off in strong winds and damaged the roof of a nearby house.

Fined by the state’s Building Services Board, it was found that the work on the skillion roof was non-compliant with building standards and approved plans and specifications, which included:

  • The front section of the roof failed the site’s wind classification rating of up to 180 kilometres per hour, as the wind speed on the night of the incident was less than half that at only 81 kilometres per hour;
  • A number of tie-down straps were either installed incorrectly or spaced incorrectly;
  • Tie-down rods did not extend to the height of the wall; and
  • Tie-down straps, rods and dowels were made of galvanised steel as opposed to the required stainless steel as per the design certificate.

As Mr Green was the nominated supervisor, the board determined he was responsible for ensuring the roof was compliant, and such was also fined.

While Mandurah Homes accepted liability, promptly resolved the issue and looked to implement stronger procedures and cooperated with the board, it was noted that the business shows a “significant” failure, with its conduct resulting in risk to the public from flying roof debris.

Building Commissioner Ken Bowron said it was fortunate that no one was injured in this instance, but stressed the reminder that builders need to properly manage and supervise their projects and ensure they are compliant.

“The failures identified in this matter were consistent with those highlighted in a general inspection report on metal roof construction in WA, published by the Building Commission (now Building and Energy) in 2016,” Mr Bowron said.

“Building service providers who fail to take these responsibilities seriously may face fines from the Building Services Board or the State Administrative Tribunal.

“We will continue to hold to account and name those who put the public interest and integrity of the building industry at risk.”

Supervisor, business fined $10k for safety failures
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Sasha Karen
Sasha Karen

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