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Why empowering others can help make you a great leader

Deakin University
05 June 2019 3 minute readShare

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Gone are the days of the traditional manager who’s seen as a powerful omnipotent figure. This has been replaced by a leadership style that’s closer to a coach who is engaged and present with their team members.

A key part of being a modern and engaging leader is empowering your team members for further success, on both a personal and business level. Empowerment means that you give your team more responsibility and autonomy, providing them with a more active role in company decisions and increasing their individual and business worth.

Empowerment is a great way to not only boost the performance of your team members but also your skills as a leader, ultimately contributing to the overall success of your business.

The benefits of empowering your team

Using empowerment as a leadership technique can provide your individual team members with several personal benefits, which lead to overall improvements for your team and business.

Better communication

Empowering your team can create better lines of communication and help you be a more approachable leader. Modern leadership inspires confidence in a team member to approach their manager and ask questions, raise a query or share something that maybe isn’t going well. This helps you get to know your team members as human beings, not just as the people you work with, and understand how to maximise their potential in your business. It also means issue management and problem solving occurs at a much earlier stage, which can ensure they don’t turn into bigger problems down the track.


Everyone contributes

Rather than only being available at certain times, you might like to promote an open-door policy and schedule regular catch-ups with your team, rather than the usual performance reviews. This allows you to get a feel for how they work and what they’re working on while sharing what’s happening in the workplace from a managerial perspective. This process gives your team a broader understanding of their work and how they contribute to the business’ success.

Tip: Find a balance between no communication and micromanagement, neither of which are beneficial to your business or your team members’ development.

Confidence and creativity

Involving team members in the decision-making process can have a great influence on their confidence and creativity. Helping your team to feel important means they’re better equipped to perform their tasks successfully.

If a team member knows that their work is valued enough for key decisions, they can feel confident in trusting their instincts and own skillset to complete their work. The increased self-belief they develop can lead to team members suggesting alternative solutions to problems or answering questions in a meeting environment, knowing that they have your backing to do so.

Such creativity may not always be needed, but when you need a team member to have a creative solution, your team will be more likely to speak up and offer alternate ways to reach a goal.

Purpose and potential

Empowering your team members ultimately gives individuals a greater understanding of their role and purpose in your business. Beyond just coming in to work five days a week, they will be involved in planning and decision making, making them active contributors to your company’s success. Seeing and hearing how their work impacts the business gives a team member more confidence and purpose, understanding that the tasks they undertake have genuine meaning.

Helping your team members feel a greater sense of purpose can fuel their ambition, enabling them to feel confident in building their skills and pursue higher positions in your workplace.

Empowered team members help your business

All of these individual and personal benefits have a great impression on the success of your leadership and business. An empowered team member with raised confidence and open communication can better help with decision-making, as well as be confident in completing their tasks to a higher ability.

Energising your team can lead to exciting new solutions to problems, with team members more open to sharing their ideas on how to help your business grow. A more invigorated team member has the motivation and drive for increased productivity that an employee who simply ‘punches the clock’ might not have.

The incorporation of empowerment and other leadership techniques into your leadership can be challenging, that is why taking a course in leadership online can provide a multitude of benefits to your team and drive overall business to new heights.


Why empowering others can help make you a great leader
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