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New scheme to simplify workers’ licensing requirements

06 July 2021 1 minute readShare

Effective this month, a new scheme has been rolled out which will enable workers in Victoria, NSW, the NT and the ACT to have their operating licences recognised in other Aussie jurisdictions. 

The Automatic Mutual Recognition of Occupational Registrations (AMR) scheme kicked off on 1 July 2021.

Under the scheme, workers in Victoria, NSW, the NT and the ACT will be able to have their registrations and licences recognised outside of their state/territory, enabling them to perform the same activities they’re legally allowed to back home. Other states are expected to follow suit this year.

“The AMR scheme will create a more mobile workforce to fill skill gaps, and reduce registration and licensing costs for thousands of businesses, tradespeople and other registered professionals who work and operate over state lines,” a statement from Victoria’s state government read.

“AMR starts 1 July 2021 in Victoria, NSW, the NT and the ACT, with other states committing to join the scheme soon. It will begin with a limited number of occupations and include more occupations as Australia transitions to the scheme.”

The introduction of the AMR scheme comes as the federal government looks to cut cross-border red tape and “do away with additional fees and paperwork”, creating “a more mobile workforce to help businesses grow, enable workers to take up jobs and contribute to Australia’s economic recovery and resilience”.

“When fully implemented, it is estimated that AMR could lead to an additional $2.4 billion in economic activity over 10 years as a result of savings to workers and businesses, productivity improvements and extra surge capacity in response to natural disasters,” the government outlined.

“Over 168,000 people will benefit each year from these changes, including 44,000 workers who will work interstate that would not otherwise have done so.”

New scheme to simplify workers’ licensing requirements
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