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‘Why I give stuff away for free’

‘Why I give stuff away for free’

Clare Long, Norgay HR Consulting

Freebies may seem like a waste when you are trying to earn a living in business, but one business owner explains why giving certain things away is part of her strategy.


Clare Long, Norgay HR Consulting“You have to be prepared to give stuff away,” says Clare Long, founder of Norgay HR Consulting.

On its own, this may not sound like the wisest of business strategies. Yet as Clare explains, giving away bits of your time and expertise for free is a core part of building strong referral partnerships and developing trust with prospective customers.

Speaking on the latest episode of the My Business Podcast, Clare discusses:

• The return on investment from giving away free bites of the cherry
• How she targets her networking activities for maximum effect
• The difficulties of scaling a consulting business and her approach to achieving this
• Why she seeks to engage with her competitors rather than challenge them

And lots more!



‘Why I give stuff away for free’
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