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Growing a successful business against the odds

Growing a successful business against the odds

Aaron Shaw, Sydney Seaplanes

The owner and managing director of Sydney Seaplanes, Aaron Shaw, discusses running a business amid heavy regulation, high-cost operations and the hand of Mother Nature.


Aaron Shaw, Sydney SeaplanesA strict compliance regime spanning aviation and maritime regulations, high-cost maintenance in a corrosive saltwater environment, a limited pool of skilled employees and exposure to the mercy of the weather: it would seem that Sydney Seaplanes has everything stacked against it.

Yet, as managing director Aaron Shaw explains, the business is as successful as it is iconic over the waters of Sydney Harbour, and Sydney Seaplanes continues to expand and diversify its service offering to add further value to its customer base.

Speaking on the My Business Podcast, Aaron discusses:

• Forming symbiotic partnerships with other businesses for mutual benefit
• The challenges of operating in a heavy regulatory environment
• Diversifying the business to leverage existing assets
• His strategies for contingency planning as a weather-dependent business

And much more!



Growing a successful business against the odds
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