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Top marketing mistakes businesses should avoid

Julianne Leybag
14 May 2016 3 minute readShare
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A good marketing strategy is the key to making any business successful. How do business owners make sure they do not encounter pitfalls in marketing? My Business discusses top marketing mistakes businesses should avoid.

Business owners have a lot of options when it comes to marketing their business and their products/services: from old-school marketing via flyers and posters to tech-savvy digital marketing.

This can easily bring the business closer to its audience—provided that a good marketing strategy is at hand.

So what are some major marketing disasters that businesses should steer clear of?

Consider the following mistakes to avoid:

  • Failing to build a website/social media page
  • Lack of marketing research
  • Marketing without an SEO strategy
  • Inconsistent marketing content
  • Targeting the wrong audience

Failing to build a website/social media page

The digital age requires all kinds of businesses to have a solid blog, website and/or social media pages: these are the easiest ways for brands to sell and connect to their audience at a personal level.

Business leaders who fail to create a website for their business early on miss out on this opportunity and it may be harder for them to build a solid customer base as compared to those with websites created during the early stages of the business.

SMEs no longer have to be fazed when it comes to shouldering possible costs of building a website and other digital platforms. There are a lot of sites which offer free and/or cheap website creation services, such as Wix, Wordpress and Weebly which allows businesses to customise websites without the expensive price tag.

A business website usually goes hand-in-hand with a business social media page, and this usually comes at no cost to business owners. A good starting point is to create a Facebook and Instagram profile which can be used to promote the business’ products and services.

Lack of marketing research

Carrying out a thorough and comprehensive marketing research is an essential part of conceptualising any kind of business. A good marketing research allows business owners to determine their target audience and what kind of need will be addressed by the business.

It also helps business owners determine the right price, strategy and products which will be patronised by potential customers.

If a business fails to undergo proper market research before launching, chances are the business will fail to have a good idea of what appeals to their customer base. This could also lead to lesser customers patronising the business as compared to businesses who did market research for the business.

Marketing without an SEO strategy

While having a website is a good way for businesses to make themselves known, business owners must understand that merely having a website in place simply isn’t enough.

Business owners must take into consideration the website’s traffic, how it ranks in Google searches and how many potential customers or competitors visit the site. This can only be done by employing a solid search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.

SEO optimisation usually involves adding relevant keywords to the website’s content, title tags and meta descriptions while rolling out content that is useful and accessible for customers.

Although having an SEO background is a good way for business owners to easily drive up their SEO rankings, SEO specialisation can be learned easily. Business owners can also easily access any of the numerous tutorials available for free online.

Inconsistent marketing content

While employing a good SEO strategy is important to gain an advantage over competitors as far as marketing is concerned, the strategy would be useless if the business’ marketing content is useless and inconsistent.

A lot of businesses are notorious for having practically useless marketing content—articles with unavailable links, unrelated content and aggressive email marketing content which might be tagged as spam.

In an era where personalisation is a common marketing strategy for businesses, business owners should make sure that customers get the best out of their business and have access to genuine marketing content that accurately reflects the business and its services.

Targeting the wrong audience

Targeting and addressing the needs of the right audience is another important factor that is addressed by conducting proper market research.

However, if a business fails to do market research, it is highly possible for them to connect to the wrong audience which could lead to a lot of wasted time, effort and money. The right audience will also fail to receive the message of the business and allow the business to address their needs.

Business owners can do everything they can and still make mistakes. This is okay because mistakes happen and are pretty normal for any kind of business. What is important is that business owners learn from their mistakes and know what they should avoid in their next business endeavour.

Top marketing mistakes businesses should avoid
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