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How to do digital marketing without losing the human touch

Julianne Leybag
18 June 2017 2 minute readShare
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The advent of digital marketing certainly makes it easier for businesses to build their brands and reach a wider audience—but also increases the possibility of businesses losing personal connections with their customers in the long run.

So how should businesses create an effective digital marketing strategy without having to compromise human connections?

The real deal

A business usually carries out all of the necessary steps needed to create an effective digital marketing strategy as a way to become cost-effective, but businesses also risk losing genuine human connections in the process.

This might be counterproductive considering that the primary aim of digital marketing is to create personal links with their target audience.

The following points must be considered when it comes to making sure that a digital marketing strategy remains human:

  • Know your customers well
  • Invest in emotional appeal
  • Go for personalised social media interactions
  • Recognise the audience
  • Mix up old and new marketing strategies

Know your customers well

Digital and traditional marketing strategies are both rooted in addressing the needs and wants of their chosen audience. In the digital marketing sphere, it is even more critical—a digital marketing strategy would be rendered useless if the business fails to understand the needs of their customer base.

To start off, businesses should take the time to know more about their customer’s socio-demographic and psychographics. Socio-demographics include age, income, educational attainment and occupation, while psychographics includes a customer’s interests and opinions.

These can be determined by way of conducting surveys, talking in person with customers or by creating a marketing profile that gauges actual customer needs.

Invest in emotional appeal

Humans are highly emotional creatures and investing in pathos is a good way to attract customer attention and increase the mileage of the business.

Digital marketers are notorious for capitalising on marketing strategies whose fundamentals are statistics and hard facts. While this is definitely impressive in the business industry, regular customers will most likely pay attention to marketing content that has emotional rather than logical appeal.

If business owners want their business to go viral on various social media platforms, they should consider investing in campaigns that incorporate storytelling that’s laden with emotion.

Go for personalised social media interactions

A lot of businesses that thrive on social media go beyond the usual posts, likes and comments. They actually interact with customers whether via live streaming, Instagram stories and direct messages.

In addition, businesses can maximise their social media use by switching to business profiles offered by platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. These business profiles allow more versatility for businesses by providing insights and feedback on customer activity, addressing audience needs and preferences easier and faster.

Recognise the audience

People love it when they get recognised for anything they do, and incorporating this fact in the business marketing strategy ensures a positive connection between the business and their customers.

Regularly mentioning specific customers to thanking them for their loyalty, conducting online contests and promos and replying promptly on customer comments and direct messages are good ways to cement a particular brand’s identity as a business which puts a premium on customer service.

Mix up old and new marketing strategies

Digital marketing might seem like a far cry from the traditional marketing strategies that businesses are used to, but this doesn’t mean that the new can’t be mixed in with the old.

Traditional marketing strategies are known for going up-close and personal with customers, and has long been proven effective even without the use of technology. Digital marketers can benefit by taking the positive attributes of traditional marketing and infusing it into new age marketing.

Digital marketing has given businesses a huge advantage when it comes to leveraging their brands. However, maintaining human connections is important if businesses do not want to lose themselves in the tangle of an almost impersonal digital marketing sphere.

How to do digital marketing without losing the human touch
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Julianne Leybag

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