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Top marketing ideas for limited and small budgets

Julianne Leybag
06 June 2017 2 minute readShare
Marketing ideas

Business owners shouldn’t be fazed when devising marketing strategies that won’t break the bank. Here are a collection of top marketing ideas to go to if you’re on a shoestring budget.

Creating and executing a killer marketing strategy on a limited budget is easy if business owners know what kind of strategy they’re aiming for and how to get it.

Here are some ideal low-budget marketing ideas for small businesses:

  • Social media marketing
  • Create and manage a website
  • Invest in infographics
  • Publish engaging and high-quality content
  • Go heavy on customer engagement

Social media marketing

Investing in social media marketing is a low-cost yet effective marketing strategy that business owners with limited budgets can do. As literally everyone uses social media, advertising a business via this platform will definitely allow your business to gain more exposure and potential customers. Learn more about mobile marketing here.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have business profiles that make it convenient for digital marketers to advertise their brands and keep track of customer activity and feedback. While these platforms offer paid advertisements for businesses, these are completely optional and a lot of brands have actually succeeded in social media marketing without resorting to paid ads.

Create and manage a website

A website is a must for any kind of business. A business website must contain all the necessary information that potential and current customers need to know about the brand, such as the business’ contact details, mission and vision, a “Shop Now” tab for online shopping businesses and possibly a live tracker of the business’ social media websites.

A common misconception among business owners is that maintaining a website is costly work. However, a lot of free web hosting services are available for businesses to use. These can include Wordpress, Wix and even Google sites.

If a business owner wants to improve the website’s visibility on the internet, applying search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies is a good way to improve the site’s search engine ranking and increase chances of more potential customers stumbling upon the website.

Invest in infographics

Infographics are easy to make, visually-pleasing, easily understandable and costs nothing, especially if a business owner has a good hand at graphic design. These engaging think-pieces advertise the business while increasing website and social media clicks.

Of course, if a business wants quick and efficient results, hiring a graphic designer is a good way to go. If the budget is too tight, learning how to make an infographic by exploring graphic design will not only save the business some money but also adds a formidable addition to the business owner’s skill set.

Publish engaging and high-quality content

A website would be practically useless if it lacks high-quality content that is easy to digest, engaging and informative. There are several kinds of content formats that businesses can choose to publish on their website, whether it be listicles, best practices, opinions and product reviews.

Hiring a content writer is a good way to ensure that the business constantly churns out top-quality content, but this will definitely require the business to shell out some money. It will be more cost-effective for the business if the content can be created by someone within the team that is already familiar with how the business works. Learn more about smart marketing here.

Go heavy on customer engagement

Banking on customer service and active customer engagement is possibly the cheapest way for business owners to market their brand online. Business owners only need to make sure that they have excellent customer service, regularly engage customers and create a personal connection with them.

The business will surely flourish from positive customer feedback and word-of-mouth across its current and potential customers if they invest in customer service and engagement strategies. It will also create an image of customer prioritisation for the business and helps in widening the business’ current customer base. Learn more about free publicity here.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a costly affair, even for small business. Keeping these things in mind and executing them as part of a business’ marketing strategy will ensure optimum business growth minus the large cost.

Top marketing ideas for limited and small budgets
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Julianne Leybag

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