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Christmas present candidate no. 3 - EcoSwitch

Justin Grey
21 November 2011 1 minute readShare
My Business

xmas_stockingWhy not give your business the gift of lower electricity bills? You'll also give the planet a little less pollution to worry about along the way.

Here at My Business your editor's pet hate is folks who leave their computer or monitor on all night because it's pretty wasteful to use electricity just to get a slightly faster start to the working day.

The EcoSwitch

We also feel that wherever you stand on carbon dioxide pollution, plenty of electricity comes from sources that damage air quality. If we can use less electricity, that's not a bad thing.

Hence our interest in the EcoSwitch, a $19.95 device that is basically an extension cord with two branches.

One branch is a normal, boring, extension cord.

The other branch terminates in a big, bright, easy to find green switch that controls everything connected to the boring branch with one flick of a finger so you can turn off lots of appliances easily. Scatter a few EcoSwitches around the office and your team won't have the excuse of not wanting to bend over to flip switches one by one on a powerboard.

You'll be giving your business the gift of lower overheads - and maybe giving the planet a little something  too.

Ecoswitch is available online.

Christmas present candidate no. 3 - EcoSwitch
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Justin Grey

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