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Top tips for a successful Google AdWords campaign

Julianne Leybag
12 September 2017 3 minute readShare
Google AdWords

Contrary to what most people think, businesses don’t have to shell out a lot of money to create an effective Google AdWords campaign. My Business discusses some of the top tips to ensure your Google AdWords campaign’s success.

At this day and age, it can be safe to say that using Google AdWords is one of the most successful digital advertising techniques—allowing a level playing field for both big and small firms to promote their business’ products and services and attract both customers and potential investors.

A big misconception among business owners is that a lot of money needs to be spent on a Google AdWords strategy to make it more effective.

However, this is not always the case—a lot of small and big businesses have been able to find success in using Google AdWords on a small daily budget. This success can also be achieved by other businesses, provided that they know how to use Google Adwords to their advantage.

How does Google AdWords work and how can it be used to a business’ advantage? Consider the following:

  • Create a well-structured Google AdWords account
  • Start off with a small daily budget
  • Create killer ad copy and images
  • Invest early in Search network campaigns
  • Monitor all AdWords campaigns

Create a well-structured Google AdWords account

Learning how to get sales from Google AdWords means creating and having an excellently-structured Google AdWords account. If businesses want their strategies to generate profit in the shortest amount of time possible, learning the ropes via Google AdWords tutorials is a great start.

However, a well-made AdWords account ensures maximum exposure for the business as it is built on the concept of relevance.

Through an improved Google AdWords account structure, a lot of businesses had a drop in Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) metrics—sometimes even going as low as 60 per cent.

Also, other campaign elements such as advertisements, keywords and ad groups must be well-connected and consistent with each other to prompt Google to offer lower ad costs to the business.

Start off with a small daily budget

A common problem among businesses who are starting out with Google AdWords is determining the right amount of budget for every ad and the frequency of budget spending in relation to how much traffic each ad will get in the course of the marketing strategy.

A lot of businesses make the mistake of overspending on their ads, incurring large losses when they get unsatisfactory results in terms of ad conversions.

Businesses new to the Google AdWords sphere are advised to set a budget that is at least half of their target daily budget. By doing this, businesses can properly ease themselves into digital ad campaigns while realistically monitoring ad performance based on business targets.

Businesses should also start with lower cost per click (CPC) bids and increase these bids accordingly depending on keyword results.

Create killer ad copy and images

A well-budgeted ad campaign is worthless if it doesn’t have accompanying advertising copy and well-researched and high-quality images. Ad content is the main driver of any strategy and is primarily responsible for attracting customers that can be generated into ‘leads’.

Before launching a marketing campaign, businesses must first make sure that the ad copy undergoes market testing. Also, the content contained within these copies must be based on facts gained from a thoroughly-made market research. This saves the business a lot of time and money and ensures that they maintain a credible image for its customers.

The same thing also goes for ad images. Images and graphics used must be relevant to the business’ customer base and must be attention-grabbing for customers to click on the image and the rest of the campaign.

Although using stock photos is well and good, as much as possible images and graphics must be original as these graphics can set the bar for other businesses who may be on the lookout for the same target market.

Invest early in Search network campaigns

Search network campaigns are one of the first things that businesses should invest in when creating a Google AdWords campaign.

The Search network is the go-to for businesses in order to access their business’ target market as it contains a repository of potential customers and investors that can patronise the business’ products and services in the future.

Looking for a potential customer base on the Search network can help businesses qualify which customers and investors can be leads—as these are located closer to the business’ target market. It also gives businesses a solid keyword reference that can be used and carried over to Google AdWords’ Display network.

Monitor all AdWords campaigns

Testing advertising campaigns is an integral part of any marketing strategy.

One advantage that digital marketing has is that it allows businesses to customise their ads depending on the changing tastes of their audience. This means businesses don’t have to keep using campaigns and strategies that are outdated and doesn’t generate any new leads.

It is also important to constantly monitor campaigns, particularly all Google AdWords campaign results. By constantly monitoring campaigns, businesses would have a good grasp of what kind of strategy works for their audience, what needs to be improved and what needs to be removed altogether and replaced with something that is more timely and relevant to their target market.

At this point, Google analytics only would be of great help when tracking the long-term performance of marketing campaigns.

Top tips for a successful Google AdWords campaign
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