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Signs you need new signage for your business

17 September 2018 2 minute readShare

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Every successful business knows that brand is everything.

In an age where consumers are faced with more options than ever before, every element of your brand needs to speak to the identity, values and personality you want your brand to project—and your business signage is one of your most important assets helping you position your brand.

If you’re unsure where you should be spending your advertising dollar, here are four sure-fire signs it’s time to invest in some new signage for your business.

1.     Your branding is inconsistent

When it comes to your brand, consistency is king.

Consumers perception of your brand and business will be influenced every time they encounter one of your businesses touch-points, so if you’re sending different messages at different times, you’ll end up with a lot of confused customers who aren’t too sure who you are or what you’re trying to tell them.

If half of your advertising efforts are trying to project an essence of ‘luxury’ but your in-store signage is looking a bit shabby, it’s definitely time to invest in some new signage to bring every area of your business back in line.

2.    Your brand needs a refresh

Every day we are potentially exposed to thousands of different advertising messages, so we learn very quickly how to discern whether or not an ad is worth paying attention to.

If you’ve been using the same old branding for what seems like forever, you’re advertising has probably started to blend into the background and it’s likely many of your potential customers have tuned-out from listening to what you’re saying.If that sounds like your business, a rebrand could help you recapture their interest and put your brand back into the spotlight.

3.    You’re running a fancy event or campaign

Hosting a flash event or launching a sleek new advertising campaign can be a great way to build your brand and engage your consumers, but what good is investing all that time, effort and money if it doesn’t have that extra something special that is going to really ‘wow’ your customers.

Creating some new show-stopping signage is an easy way to elevate your event or campaign to the next level and make it so memorable it will be near impossible for your target clientele to ignore.

4.    You’re expanding into new markets

Whether you’re opening a store in a new location or expanding internationally, if you want to make a good impression from the get-go, some new signage could be the way to do it.

Whether you want to advertise a product or service, tailor your messaging to suit the location or simply get your brand and image displayed where you’ll be seen, signage is the way to do it.Just make sure you choose a company who can manage all your signage project management for you, as trying to get the location, messaging, timing and budget right when working in an unfamiliar market can be difficult.

Signs you need new signage for your business
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