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Facebook Ad Social Media Marketing For Amazon FBA Business: 3 Marketing Tips

Guest post by Francis Lopez
12 February 2019 3 minute readShare

If you're someone who's experienced in social media, you most probably know about the power of Facebook Ads. Facebook has practically an unlimited reach and knows more details about your friends more than you do. For Amazon sellers, this is a potential gold mine that they can rely on to increase conversions.

Creating a Facebook Ad is simple, and it only takes a few minutes to set-up your first ad. However, most people forget that ad creation is a skill and it requires close attention. It's not as simple as targeting the right demographics and hitting launch.


Here are three tips to help you with Facebook Ads for your Amazon FBA business:

1. Create Emotional Copies

Facebook Ads is what the people at journal course reviews call as interruption marketing. This is because as compared to Amazon PPC where people are actively looking for a product to buy, on Facebook people aren't that interested in buying. You have to interrupt them and try to get their attention. You have to make them look at your product so they can hopefully buy it.

The best way for you to catch their attention is by creating copies that play on their emotions. Here is how you do it:

  • Leverage the Fear Of Missing Out or FOMO mentality

People are scared of being the last person to know. They tend to go towards where the crowd is as they are afraid of missing out. Work with this mentality when writing your copies.

  • Excite them

It's not impossible to excite people when they're reading through a phone screen. Curate the words you use and your tone. Use exclamation marks or use capital letters. People who sense excitement will get carried away and click on your ad.

  • Invite urgency

The best way to invite urgency is by offering something for a limited time. For example, you can offer a discounted price for the next few days. Just be sure, that your offer is strong enough to urge people to buy.


2. Use High-Quality Images

Your Facebook Ad image is much like your Amazon listing image. Its primary purpose is to attract enough attention for people to buy it. Some marketers use different images and test out which performs better. Here are some tips to help you get the best image for your ad:

  • Use images that implore trust

If possible, you can put a picture of a celebrity, influencer, or local personality promoting your product. When people see that someone famous uses the product you’re selling, it invokes trust to your brand.

  • Tell a story

You can use carousel ads to tell a story using images. A good story is by showing them how your product will change their lives for the better.

  • Show them how it's used

If it's a product that needs assembly, show them how to assemble it using images. Demonstrate how your product can be used in the real-life setting so people can relate to it.

  • Always be on brand

More than anything else, remember to optimize your Facebook ads to look the same including your images. Doing so will increase brand awareness, and the next time a person sees your ad, they will automatically know what to expect.

3. Track Sales, Not Clicks

A Facebook Ad for a bike light with a lot of likes and shares doesn't automatically mean that it's profitable. It's easy to get lost with all the clicks, comments and shares you see, but all those are unimportant if you're not converting them to paying customers. Marketers call these things as vanity metrics, and that's all they are — vanity.

If you focus on these vanity metrics, chances are you're going to lose money rather than generating them. For example, if you run an ad for a bike light that costs 15 USD each and for every sale, you spend 10 USD on ads. That's not a good number. You're only profiting 5 USD per transaction, and that's not to account for other expenses like overhead costs. Even if the ads have a hundred of likes and comments, if your conversion rate is poor, you'll lose money.

Focus on sales first, vanity metrics, second. Track every ad you launch and be sure to calculate how much revenue you're getting after costs. If you get this right in the beginning, you'll save a lot of money on advertising.


The tips aforementioned above are the cornerstone of Facebook ad creation. Always write emotionally provoking copies, pair it with the right image, and track your metrics religiously. Users on Facebook are usually not there to buy products, but with the right push, they might be willing to check out what you're offering. As a marketer and a business owner, it is your responsibility to stop them and make them pay attention to what you're offering.


Francis Lopez is an online entrepreneur who has been contributing articles to Entrepreneur Journal Review for years. Francis personally manages his e-commerce website and uses his experiences to share business knowledge to his readers. His articles cover a wide variety of topics for entrepreneurs - from how stay-at-home parents can start their businesses, to how entrepreneurs can survive top competition in the market. Francis wants to help his readers understand the importance of technology in today’s era. During his leisure, Francis plays tennis with his family and friends.  

Facebook Ad Social Media Marketing For Amazon FBA Business: 3 Marketing Tips
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Guest post by Francis Lopez

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