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Australia's newest workplace 'micro-market' launches at Employsure

11 July 2019 3 minute readShare

Promoted by Employsure.

The concept of the mirco-market is the latest craze in US-based companies like Amazon, Nestle and Unilever — and now the “micro-market” is set to take over Australian workplaces with Morsl, open for business in Employsure’s Sydney-based office - Australia’s largest workplace relations specialist firm and multi award-winning employer of choice.

Morsl, a start-up founded by Karla Borland, claims to be the first of its kind in Australia. After testing the technology in a “soft-launch” for the past few months - Morsl has “opened for business” at Sydney based workplace relations company Employsure.

The start-up concept.

Karla Borland, founder and CEO of Morsl said after 17 years in banking working in Singapore, Australia and Switzerland, she became frustrated with the lack of healthy food options that were in the modern workplace.

“I personally wanted to eat healthier, so that growing frustration really brought the idea for this business — I did a lot of research to find a better solution to the vending machine, that led me to the micro-market concept,” she said.

According to Ms Borland, “Morsl is a micro-market that can provide fresh food such as salads, wraps, ready to go meals, fruit, snacks and drinks using a fully-automated payment system. The consumer picks a product from an open rack display, or reach-in refrigerator, and scans the item at a self-checkout kiosk”

The decision was straight forward for Head of Talent at Employsure, Michael Morris: “We’re always looking for ways to enhance the employee experience, so when we heard about Morsl, we absolutely loved the concept. Whilst we already provide our office-based staff with fresh fruit around the office, daily breakfast and regular refreshments, we loved the idea that we could provide our people with a wholistic healthier food experience; available at their fingertips at any time.”

Changing the way employees access food at work.

The concept of Morsl, was born to provide healthy food, snacks and drinks via an automated, self-serve marketplace. “It's no secret that more and more consumers are paying extra attention to what they are putting in their bodies. Consumer demand for natural, organic and healthy products is a growing trend that is here to stay. It's never been more crucial to ensure your workplace is stocked with a diverse, unique and exclusive range of in-demand products to keep your customers coming back and employees happy.”

As one of the first to adopt and pioneer the concept of the micro-market in the Australian market, Mr Morris says Employsure recognised the increasing demand for healthier and fresher foods in the workplace. Indeed, it was founder Ms Borlandwho says, “The concept works well because we live in a world where consumers and employees are thoroughly familiar with self-service, obsessed with convenience, and demand the grab n’ go way of life.”

“For employers, micro-markets provide the opportunity to offer healthier, fresher food choices and change up the traditional breakroom. Employers can support more diverse dietary needs and non-food items can also be offered. This perk saves employees from buying food at restaurants and saves employers from needing to employ staff to run a cafeteria. Micro-markets make warm, fresh food more accessible to round the clock workplaces,” Ms Borland said.

According to Mr Morris, “At the core of Employsure’s function is the concept of empowering every business to succeed. That vision starts within; because creating happy and healthy workplaces for businesses, starts with our own.”

Notably, Employsure found growth in the HR field, disrupting and democratising the way HR advice is accessed by small businesses, and becoming the largest HR provider in the process. “We work directly with employers, HR managers and HR professionals every day, which gives us great insight into why people seek a new employer and why they stay. We are constantly reminded of the importance of employee engagement and positive workplace culture; and what that means for business success.”

Enhancing the employee experience.

Mr Morris says, “As a business providing a service delivered by people, the attraction and retention of the very best talent is the biggest priority for an organisation that has doubled in size year on year to over 700 employees.”

“With the growing desire to help support the diverse needs of our employees and offer them convenient options similar to what they may find at their local supermarket, the micro-market aligns well with Employsure’sEnhanced Employee Experience,”Mr Morris explains which includes: daily breakfasts, a dry-cleaning service, free packaging, postage and courier services, weekly lunch orders, and towel and toiletry services delivered by their in-house concierge service. “These services make the experiences of the employees in our offices enjoyable and removes the responsibility for mundane errands,” he said.

“What we’ve understood is that our employees want easy access to a wide product range including products meeting special dietary requirements such as gluten-free and dairy-free products. It’s a worthwhile investment for our people and our workplace with Morsl’s open room design and cutting-edge technology.”

Employsure recently featured on Sunrise in a feature on Australia’s best workplace perks: watch it now.

Australia's newest workplace 'micro-market' launches at Employsure
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