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4 quick business sales tips from top performers

10 June 2020 1 minute readShare
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The coronavirus has created many challenges for small- to medium-business owners, with many taking the opportunity to rethink their business model. For those turning to online sales, an easy way to up your game is to take a closer look at techniques deployed by top sales performers.

It’s important to understand the best ways to grab your buyer’s attention and open the door to more sales.

Here are four sure-fire quick tips: 

Make your customer the hero

By making your customer the hero, you can help them see what has changed in their world and how they can better adapt to survive and succeed. Effectively, you are acting as the customer’s mentor by giving them new insights, providing a plan and driving them towards action. Your objective is to help them overcome the problems they face in their business to achieve their goals.

Language matters

Keep a personable approach by using inclusive language that demonstrates you closely understand the customer’s needs.

Show your customers that you understand the problems they face by using “you” phrasing, not “we” phrasing.

Use selling techniques that create value for the customer

Do your homework first. Don’t leap into your sales pitch too early.

Focus on teaching instead of selling. Always add value during your interactions with the customer. Demonstrate that you can add value for the business, be it financial or for the user.

Tell compelling visual stories

No one wants to endure “death by PowerPoint”. Avoid presenting numerous mind-numbing slides. Instead, take time to present a compelling visual narrative that is designed to showcase how your products deliver unique value for their business.

4 quick business sales tips from top performers
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