REB judge

Sam Allert


Sam Allert has always been a passionate advocate of Accounting and Business Management. As such, he has been actively assisting Advisors and Business Owners implement IT strategies to improve their businesses since 1999.

Sam has worked across a myriad of disciplines throughout his career including Sales, Consulting, Support and Office Management. In 2011, he was appointment Managing Director of the Reckon Accountant Group, and in 2015 his responsibilities expanded as the Managing Director for Australia & New Zealand, for both the Accounting and Business Groups.

July 2018 saw Sam appointed to his current role as the CEO of Reckon, accelerating the company’s long-term strategy to offer small businesses and the advisor network with a complete suite of cloud solutions to effectively grow and succeed.

The word ‘Relationship’ defines Sam more than any other. Not as a buzz-word, but as a genuine feature of his identity, which he lives and breathes with his clients and his team every day. Sam uses this underlying passion for relationships, and his vast experience in the industry, to lead the way in today’s fast-moving industry of disruptive and ever evolving technology.