13 Nov 2017
April 20, 2017, 8:11 am

Taking out the top honours at the Optus My Business Awards for 2017 was Source Legal. The firm’s leaders reveal what the business is doing that makes it stand out.

“We entered the awards because we know that we are unique,” said Source Legal founder Stanislav Roth, who moved to Australia at the age of 18 without speaking English, before completing his legal studies and then establishing the business.

“The way we provide legal support to our clients is unique and I think it’s outstanding. Nevertheless, [to win] is amazing.”

The Sydney-based firm was established in 2010, and aimed to provide “outsourced in-house legal support to businesses, always on a fixed-price basis.”

“It’s all really based on the value of the service to the client. The first question we always ask when we price our service is: ‘What is the value of it to the client?’ Not to us – to the client,” said Mr Roth.

Judges were clearly impressed with both the business model and the way it was presented through the awards submission process.

“A very thorough presentation, with good identification of the unique product being delivered. Some concern about the future funding – or apparent lack of planning for it,” noted one of the judges.

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