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Do I have to be nominated for an award to enter?
What happens when I nominate? How do I nominate someone for an award? Can it be anonymous? Can I nominate myself?
Can I make multiple nominations? Does it increase the chances of becoming a finalist?
How do I get started?
Does it cost anything to enter?
Can I make a submission on behalf of someone else?
Can I submit for more than one category?
How do I know which category I’m eligible for?
I have completed my submission, but I want to add more information or attachments. Is it possible to edit my submission?
What are the judges looking for? How do I make my submission stand out?
What type of supporting documents do I include with my submission?
Why do you want my photo?
What are the chances of making it as a finalist?
Why should I enter? What happens when I make it as a finalist?
Can I get feedback on my submission if I didn’t make it?
When do submissions close?
When are finalists announced? How will I be notified?
Do I have to attend if I make it as a finalist?
How does the judging process work?
Who sees my submission?
I’m having issues with entering my submission or need more information. Who can I contact?
I am interested in partnership opportunities. Who can I contact?