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Business Valuations Online

Expertise in small to medium business valuations

We have partnered with Business Valuations Online, a CPA Public Practice, to provide our members with business valuations and business health checks that provide a level of insight and analysis that has not been made available to small businesses at such a competitive price before now.  

Business Valuations Online are experts in small to medium business valuations and communicating their findings in simple language so that you can understand why your business is worth what it’s worth, and what you can do to amplify that value. Their reports focus on the things that are most important to business owners and are put together by a team of forensic accountants utilising years of specialist training, that provide their users / clients with insight, clarity, and confidence moving forward.   


What's included?

The valuation reports comply with Australian Accounting Standards and can be used for just about any purpose, excluding court proceedings, including: 
  • Buying a business 
  • Selling a business 
  • Employee share plans 
  • Restructuring 
  • Buy/Sell agreements 
  • Dissolving a partnership 
  • Tax purposes 
  • Disputes 
  • Changes in circumstance 

With this partnership, Business Valuations Online has developed an exclusive web-based portal for My Business members, allowing members to swiftly access their services so that you can confidently make important decisions with the right information at your fingertips.  

My Business members will also have access to the exclusive Value Amplifier Dashboard with each valuation. This world-first dashboard allows business owners to gain a deeper understanding of their business’ value drivers, allowing you to see how small changes you make can have a huge effect on the value of their business.  

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