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VTIC supports cyber risk reduction

A recent IBM Cyber Security Index revealed 90% of successful cyber attacks are caused by human error - which means your people are either your greatest vulnerability or, with ‘human firewall’ training, your first and best line of defence. With cybercrime's increasing focus on small businesses, to do nothing is to roll out the welcome mat and invite trouble through your front door.

From $10/month (less 20%), you can always stay a step ahead with fully automated online training simulations and easily identify your at-risk areas with the cyber risk score dashboard. There are also ready-to-use guides, info sheets, checklists and legal documentation worth over $5,000. Explore more in the cyber solution package and review our plans and pricing.

* Ts&Cs: The 20% discount offer is applicable to all My Business Cyber plans. The discount will be applied to the plan type purchased ie: one month or one year. The discount code is single-use onlyTo activate the discount, at checkout enter the discount code in the “Apply discount code” section and then click “Apply”. The discount code expires 30 June 2022 unless otherwise extended by My Business at its discretion.

Is your business at risk?

Ensure you have the right systems, processes, technology and training to protect your business with our Cyber Security Health Check.

What is a human firewall?

Technology alone cannot prevent cyber attacks. It is critical for employees to help minimise risks in your business.

Secure your business

Receive a FREE customised dashboard valued at approximately $250, outlining the risks for your business helping you be protected.

Small Businesses more at risk than ever

Many Australian businesses have taken proactive steps to secure and improve their IT systems but cybercriminals are finding new ways to target employees and exploit human error. 
My Business Cyber offers a complete solution to test, train and measure awareness, reducing the risk of human error and increasing your peace of mind. 

See the full cyber solution package. Choose the right plan for you. Check the FAQs. Read the discount offer Ts&Cs.

43% of cyber crimes target small businesses

How Cyber-aware are your staff...
How exposed are you?

Phishing and Spear Phishing are the most common way for hackers to gain access to an organisation. It is critical that staff know how to use email safely and what parts of an email to investigate to ensure it’s integrity.

Ransomware attacks have increased significantly over the past few years. The people most at risk are unsophisticated users. It is critical they know what action steps to take immediately to prevent ransomware infecting the wider network/organisation.

Weak passwords are a significant risk to organisations. Staff may be using the same login credentials for work-related systems as they use for their own personal affairs. Understanding good password hygiene will ensure they keep your organisation safe.




Identify at risk areas of your business with our cyber audit. 

Automated training

Track and manage your team’s cyber security awareness with short monthly online training. 

Phishing Simulations - set and forget

Set up your automated email phishing simulations for 12 months of staff training. 

Templates – policy and legal

Access our cyber toolkits, checklists, policy and legal docs – valued at over $5,000

plans pricing

Plans and pricing

Using your VTIC discount code will save you 20% on a single month plan, or you can increase your savings with the yearly option. The choice is yours. 



5 users or fewer

20 users or fewer





Cyber Health Check

Monthly Awareness Training

Unlimited Phishing Simulations

Legal Documentation valued at over $5,000

Create/edit custom phishing templates

Access to  awareness posters and updates

Ability to manage your team of learners


* Ts&Cs: The 20% discount offer is applicable to all My Business Cyber plans. The discount will be applied to the life of the plan purchased ie: one month or one year. The discount code is single-use only. To activate the offer, at checkout enter the discount code in the “Apply discount code” section and then click “Apply”. The discount code expires 30 June 2022 unless otherwise extended at My Business's discretion.

VTIC supports cyber risk reduction
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My Business Cyber provides you with the tools and resources to protect your business from cyber threats.  We offer comprehensive packages that include a cyber risk assessment, monthly cyber security training videos, simulated phishing attacks, and legally prepared documentation so you can protect your business and respond with confidence in the event of a cyber attack.

My Business Cyber is a cost-effective way to manage and train your business against threats.

Packages are designed to align with business needs, pricing starts as low as $10 per month.  Choose the package that’s right for you.

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Your access to My Business Cyber is a complete training and resource solution to help protect you, your employees and your business from Cyber threats.

Depending upon the package you choose, you will have access to:

  • a comprehensive Cyber Security Assessment of your business
  • monthly awareness training sent directly to you and your team's inbox
  • unlimited phishing simulations
  • the ability to create/edit custom phishing templates
  • all awareness posters and updates
  • legally prepared documentation including; privacy policy; collection notice; data breach flow chart; cookies notice; email use policy and more.

You can email support at or contact us during standard business hours (AEST) on 132 696.

As a profit for purpose organisation, any surplus is reinvested into delivering support, services and resources to our members to support businesses.

  • The 20% discount offer is applicable to all My Business Cyber plans.
  • The discount will be applied to the life of the plan purchased ie: one month or one year. 
  • The discount code is single-use only
  • To activate the discount, the discount code must be entered at checkout in the “Apply discount code” section and then click “Apply”. 
  • The discount code expires 30 June 2022 unless otherwise extended by My Business at its discretion

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My Business Cyber Solution
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Additional to the cyber solution package,
our members can access a variety of cyber insights and updates

The human firewall is your first and best line of defence, so it's vital for business owners and their staff to know how to form that line.. and hold it. To keep your business safe, we've put together a range of resources that make cyber less 'techy' and your security practices second-nature simple.