Are you a leader, a manager or both?

Management trainer Guy Williams reveals how business owners and senior managers can alter their approach to managing people to deliver better results from their teams, while simultaneously freeing up their own time.

Guy Williams, The Training GuysGuy Williams, of The Training Guys, has seen people management at its worst. A business leader, or senior manager, disaffected with their role because the task of leading a team takes them away from what they do best. And try as they might to get a handle on the task, they can’t get a handle on it.

“Practice doesn’t make perfect: practice makes permanent,” says Guy.

So how can you change things up to deliver the desired productivity gains for your team? What strategies can you employ to minimise distractions? How can you salvage a disaffected manager in your business before they give up and quit? Find out on this episode of the My Business Podcast!

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