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Powering Business Prosperity

Nicolette Maury, Vice President and Country Manager, Intuit Australia
29 May 2017 2 minute readShare

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In one week I have witnessed how we truly live our vision of powering prosperity for small businesses. On 18 May, Intuit held its first ever Aussie QuickBooks Connect conference and only last week we announced 2.2 million QuickBooks Online subscribers globally.

The QBC conference was a sellout but it was the stories we heard on the day about how businesses are changing, their learnings and wins, and how we are helping facilitate this success that was so touching.

For me, powering prosperity is about enabling small businesses and the self-employed to discover and make progress towards their goals and dreams, whatever those may be, from becoming their own boss, to making enough money to support the family, to building a thriving international business.  


When I spend time with our customers they tell me that prosperity is about more than making money, it’s about the life you want to create. In fact, I recently canvassed the opinion of two of our #QBConnect speakers and small business founders: Mick Spencer and Steph Hinds.

Mick, entrepreneur and founder of ONTHEGO SPORTS (OTG) told me, “Powering prosperity speaks to the heart of what OnTheGo does: we get people moving! Our small business brings people together and keeps them fit and healthy. As a bonus, when people feel fit, they’re in a happy state of mind and that’s real prosperity. I love being part of this fitness movement.”

Steph Hinds Founder of GrowthWise shared a similar sentiment when she said, “I power the prosperity of my small business customers because I love helping them succeed. I help customers build a profitable venture, taking them on a journey of growth.”

I have never worked for any organisation as obsessed about its customers as Intuit. For decades it has been part of our culture to follow our customers home; we literally follow them to their businesses and homes to see how they work and understand their biggest needs, pain points and how we can further support them through our software and services.

One of the key things we’ve learnt from our follow me homes, is that our customers’ customers expect them to be at the forefront of innovation. As a result, one of our goals is to help customers navigate tech trends so these become an opportunity rather than a threat. Our view is that if you’re a small business and you’re not exploring emerging technologies, you’re missing out on opportunities to grow your business and make more money.

To that end, we are constantly experimenting with technology and then, informed by our ‘follow me home or office’ visits, we review how we integrate it into our platforms to help our customers to be as efficient as possible. After all, we seek to empower small businesses with technology that suits their needs, offer the right education, and deliver connections that enable them to grow and thrive.

It is here where we are at the forefront of powering future prosperity for our customers, by enabling them to meet their new generation of customers where they interact and do business – using apps and their smart phones.

Moving forward, I’m most excited about how we will continue to work with entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them integrate into what has now become a global business village, unlocking their collective power and helping them prosper, however they define prosperity.


Powering Business Prosperity
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Nicolette Maury, Vice President and Country Manager, Intuit Australia

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