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2 Jul 2018
What are redundancy entitlements?
If a business decides to lay off some of its employees due to a business closure or for retrenching, all relieved employees a...
2 Jul 2018
The basics of voluntary redundancy
The concept of redundancy is something that is feared by a lot of employees, but what should employees do once they are offer...
21 Jun 2017
Redundancy advice for employers
Often unpleasant, having to make a redundancy call can be an unfortunate reality in running a business. Yet very few business...
2 Jul 2018
Everything you need to know about redundancy
Getting relieved due to redundancy is probably one of the worst nightmares of any employee. But this doesn’t mean that reli...
28 Feb 2018
Business to be test case for redundancy provisions
Three former workers at Perth International Airport and their former employer are the focus of a push by the Fair Work Ombuds...
8 Nov 2017
Are small businesses exempt from paying redundancy pay?
As an employer and small business owner, are you liable to pay your terminated employee redundancy pay? Understanding the leg...


Clare Long Norgay HR Consultin
Making staff redundant causes a lot of angst amongst business owners. This article details quite specifically what needs to be considered. In my experience there are two things that you absolutely n.....Array, and performing the process with respect and empathy for the impacted employee. Consider ...
Disgusted Employer
I fully agree. What ever happened to the concept of an honest days pay for an honest days work. It seems only employees have rights and entitlements, from sick leave. paid parental leave, annual leave.....Array pay, unfair dismissal pay regardless of justification and recent talk of domestic violenc...