Intellectual property: A beginner's guide for business

What are the things that make your business unique? Is it your business idea, your innovations or even your branding? These things are your intellectual property (IP) and you need to protect them. If you're new to IP download our free whitepaper to better understand what it is, how to protect it and how to make the most of it. 

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This whitepaper covers five key areas

1. What is intellectual property? 

If you have a unique idea, and you physically create something based on it, this is IP. Crucially, it's the outcome of the idea that counts.        

2. Types of intellectual property

Before you can protect your IP, you need to work out what kind of IP you have, and what kind of protection is best. 

3. Protecting your business and intellectual property

There are a number of ways you can protect your IP, including registering our idea, commercialising it and enforcing the rights to it if an infringement occurs. 

4. Intellectual property infringement

There are many tactics you can try to protect your IP, including keeping detailed records and taking out IP insurance. 

5. Maximising your intellectual property

Once you've protected your IP, you need to put it to work for your business. The way you do this depends on your business's capabilities, your market and your access to finance. 


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Disclaimer: This whitepaper does not constitute legal advice. We recommend you contact Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors for guidance on your intellectual property.