How to build a human firewall around your business

One of the most effective ways of combating cybercrime is by equipping those within your business with the right tools. 

16 February 2022 

According to the IBM Cyber Security Index, more than 95% of all cyber incidents are the result of human error. 

Phil Parisis, general manager of products at My Business, said smaller businesses tend to think they're not worthy of being targeted by cybercrime, but they don’t realise these scams are simply not targeted.

Human firewall refers to what risk challenges?

“Your people are most at risk of becoming accidental targets of cyber attacks, no amount of technology will protect your staff from replying to an SMS or clicking on a dodgy email,” he said. 

“Cyber security has never been about technology and software, it’s the front door that your staff member forgot to close and lock. A note on the light switch and constant reminders are the only way to prepare your staff.”


Train your staff to be the frontline of your defence against cyber attacks with plans starting from $10/month


Human firewall training

Turnkey Consulting analyst Merry Song said building a human firewall all starts with a strong program for IT security awareness training.

She explained that in addition to basic cyber training, the program should include modules on data privacy and mobile device security. It also needs to be specific to the industry you work in. 

The security needs of a retail business will differ from those at a manufacturing business, for example. 

The training should also be realistic, focusing on actual examples or case studies and risks the business is currently facing. It should also be available to all employees in the business, not just those in IT. 

Finally, the training program needs to be engaging. Employees should feel that they are learning new skills to safeguard the business and their role in it.

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