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Blue Ginger Picnics

Tania Usher, Founder and Marketing Director of Blue Ginger Picnics shares her inspiring story of overcoming personal loss and bringing her small business dream to life. She's leveraged her decades worth of marketing experience to forge strong connections with local producers and suppliers to create a tourism business that takes the blues out of planning picnics.

Tune in to this episode to learn how to leverage social media in your marketing, adjust your business plan when you get unexpected clients and why you shouldn't plan too far ahead. 

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Blue Ginger Picnics

Tania Usher, Founder and Marketing Director of Blue Ginger Picnics is living her small business dream. 

Unfortunately, it took a nightmarish run of events and personal loss to propel her down the path of establishing her own business. Hear her story on this episode of The Company You Keep

Within five years of moving back to Australia after a decades-long stint overseas, Tania had lost her first child, had become a single mother to two young girls, and was served with home repossession papers. 

But she advises others to always remain optimistic: “I didn’t want to manifest that kind of mindset, so I just had this optimism”. 

Now Tania runs an award-winning tourism operator on the New South Wales North Coast – Blue Ginger Picnics. The company is in the business of selling outdoor experiences, which can be unpredictable. 

To ensure their customers aren’t disappointed, Tania ensures her customers are fully aware the experiences will not always be exactly the same as what they see on Instagram. 

“I do try to speak to most of our clients, we have an email that goes out to them to let them know that we've checked the weather, a day or two out. We allow for flexibility, if it's windy, we move”, says Tania.

When asked what her one piece of business advice is, Tania says: “People have to be realistic and not expect that they’re going to open a business and all of a sudden they’re going to be making a six figure income, or even a five figure income in the first few months.” 

Tania also recommends tapping into resources and member organisations like My Business. 

“When My Business looks at these small businesses and sees, I don't know, hope or optimism, it's like a parent really isn't it? Urging your child to do well. I feel when you get recognised, you go, you've got this really great recognition that you can go, ‘Oh, I'm doing okay, so I'll try a little bit harder’, or ‘I'll tap in and get some resources if I need them’”.

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