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Andy Kirk is CEO of CROSSMARK Australia and New Zealand and is all about helping other businesses improve their operations. But that doesn't mean it's always been smooth sailing. While he is the CEO, Andy refuses to admit he's the smartest person in the room.

He encourages individuals to constantly find new ways to evolve while also placing a strong emphasis on treating your employees – who he considers the backbone of the business – with respect. Listen to this episode to learn more about how to stay ahead in the changing retail game and how to create a positive company culture that crosses the mark. 

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CROSSMARK Australia and New Zealand

Sustaining a business with over 2,000 employees is no mean feat. So how does Andy Kirk of CROSSMARK Australia & New Zealand make it work? Find out how in this episode of The Company You Keep.

After staying in Australia on a working holiday visa, Andy met his future wife and decided to stick around. Eventually, he joined CROSSMARK, a premier marketing and sales agency helping brands across the country.

Of course, managing a business with so many employees is serious business. How does Andy manage to make sure he finds the right employees every time? “We do all our own internal recruitment across a lot of people in the head office and spend time with our HR team,” he says.

The result of that careful application? Employees who have stuck around for as much as 25 years. In fact, Andy says that longevity leads to one of his best pieces of business advice: making sure you surround yourself with the right people.

“Ask for advice and listen to people,” he says. “Studies have shown that employee engagement drives a better business outcome.” This also reflects Andrew’s biggest business mistake: not acting immediately on someone who wasn’t the right fit. 

“So one of the learnings we have now is if we bring people into the business and they're not adhering to the values, is to act quickly.”

One of the key tools the business uses is the My Business HR resources, which keeps its staffing team on top of key information. “I think [My Business] is a fantastic resource for us and that our HR people and culture team use it a lot.”

Disclaimer: Our guests are real business owners and their experiences are their true stories. The guests express views and opinions that are from their own learnings and insights.

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