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MAYDAY Recruitment

In this episode, Lynne Johnston, Managing Director of female founded and run recruitment agency MAYDAY Recruitment shares her career journey that's taken her across industries and countries.

She dives into what recruitment strategies will land you the right employees and attract the right clients. Listen to this episode for practical advice on finding the right personnel, developing talent and fostering loyalty.

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MAYDAY Recruitment

MAYDAY Recruitment was founded with a vision: find the best people for the job. It makes sense that Lynne Johnston, Managing Director of MAYDAY Recruitment says one of her biggest challenges is finding the right people. 

Lynne explains in this episode of The Company You Keep, for small businesses struggling to start, you should really think about how and when to seek the advice of experts.

“When I think about us bringing in business coaches, people within the financial services that could help us and advise us on how to do things, bringing in an HR consultant to help us with our policies and procedures.”

Part of the issue, Lynne says, is that business owners can sometimes struggle to delegate. "In MAYDAY Recruitment’s experience, seeking out advice from IT providers, accountants, and IT experts, just made the small business experience so much easier".

“We've grown, we can be more competitive when it comes to what we're expecting from suppliers too, because we know we're a growing business and that we are a great customer for those suppliers as well.”

That also means tapping into essential resources from organisations like My Business as well, says Lynne. She points to My Business as a fantastic source for any growing business.

“We go to a few of the events, which are always fabulous. It’s amazing for team morale.”

Disclaimer: Our guests are real business owners and their experiences are their true stories. The guests express views and opinions that are from their own learnings and insights.

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