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Andrew Price, Director of Rawson Print Co, talks to Janice about what to do when the industry you're working in is up in the air. As technology has rapidly changed the printing business, Andrew shares how Rawson Print has managed to stay ahead of the game with their change management approach.

Tune in to hear from him about how you can use new technologies to your benefit, the challenges that come with merging with another business and how to look ahead even when the future is uncertain. 

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Rawson Print Co

Many businesses struggle adapting to new technology, but the printing business is especially impacted. However, Andrew Price and Rawson Print Co has not only been able to survive, but thrive in the world of digital. In this episode of The Company You Keep, we hear how they've done it.

Andrew started in the printing world through a chance meeting at his local cricket club: he met four brothers who owned a printing company. After a series of fortunate events, Andrew now heads up Rawson Print Co.

Through the 2000s the company managed several high-end clients, but the Global Financial Crisis and the shift to digital distribution presented a massive challenge.

As it turns out, Andrew says, differentiation is key. Printing might be dying, but specialised packaging is growing: so that’s where the company has found its opportunity. 

“If you look at any of the major brands out there, like The Iconic or anything that you buy online, it always comes in a nice box, it always comes with a little flyer of some sort of promo that's printed... you get a special offer or a coupon,” he says. Plus, he points out, plastic is dying, and recyclable cardboard is on the rise.

Not only that, but Rawson has put an emphasis on direct sales and nurturing key relationships. That’s where technology actually helps too, Andrew says. It enables the team to connect with more clients faster.

Plus, he says, businesses facing technological change need to make investments in technology themselves, and make sure they don’t get left behind: the company purchased a top-end printer that cost over $2 million. “So we've invested very heavily in that, in automation and how we can make it a lot easier for customers to get the information they require from us nice and quickly.”

Working with My Business has helped, Andrew says, especially with attending events to connect with other businesses in the same position. “That allows me to go to multiple different events throughout the year with other CEOs to network and also to get insights on what's happening in different markets.”

Disclaimer: Our guests are real business owners and their experiences are their true stories. The guests express views and opinions that are from their own learnings and insights.

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