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Saarinen Organics has faced many challenges across its last two years of business including fires, floods, income loss and a global pandemic. In this episode of The Company You Keep, we speak to co-founder Kay Saarinen about what it is to be resilient, walking through the flames and rebuilding from the ashes.

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Saarinen Organics on cultivating a business from grass roots

When it comes to ecological footprints, few tread as lightly as Kay Saarinen from Saarinen Organics. Pretty much every product Kay puts to market has been grown on her property and dreamt up by her in her purpose-built lab. Saarinen Organics’ skincare range relies on science and their customers love it.

Kay and her husband have been on a long mission to be kind to Mother Nature but she has tested them recently. They’ve been through the wringer, but every setback has forced them to recalibrate, repair and sharpen their business acumen.

In this episode, Kay talks to us about the green economy, the benefits of a DIY mindset and offers tips on how to not only survive pandemics, droughts and flooding rains but how to emerge from life’s travails richer and wiser.

Reflecting on the past few months, Kay said: "It was such a hard time and of course COVID-19 came and we did have a pop-up shop in Bega. And we had to close all of that down. That was one of [our] sources of income, clustering markets, and website.

"I think without our networking, and without the support of many organisations like My Business, [the] Entrepreneurs Programme... without their constant support emotionally, physically and through business, I think Greg and I would be very broken, to be honest."

"It's actually taught me that I didn't realise I was quite that resilient. There's been really low times. Absolutely been incredibly low times. But I've not let it beat me, I've let it go, 'okay'."

When asked what's been her biggest learning following a bumpy year, Kay said: "I think the biggest learning curve, is I have to adapt my permaculture philosophies into my business. And that is to be ready to adapt and change. To be ready to learn, as well. And also, don't be scared to ask for help and outsource."

Top 10 business champion

Saarinen Organics has been recognised as a Top 10 Business Champion in our Together in Business member recognition program. 

Disclaimer: Our guests are real business owners and their experiences are their true stories. The guests express views and opinions that are from their own learnings and insights.

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