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Spa House Tasmania 

Spa House Tasmania came close to losing their business during 2020. As a remedial massage business, the aspects of physical touch they relied on to bring in customers was no longer viable. In this episode of The Company You Keep hear how turning their attention to a rebrand and utilising natural home-grown Tassie offerings helped the business to come back bigger and better and expand beyond their humble beginnings.

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Spa House Tasmania on authentic customer service

In this episode, we talk to Caroline Noulton, co-owner of Spa House Tasmania about rebuilding and rebranding when circumstances beyond your control put the brakes on your business. 

When asked to share her best piece of advice for other small business owners, Caroline says: "I think always having an eye to the future, your dream, and your goal. That includes remembering who you are and why you're doing these things, which COVID was a forced reminder for us.

"Even though we felt we did that fairly well, COVID forced us to sit and remember why we're doing what we're doing. And I think that if you understand who you are as a business, it helps your clients to understand as well.

"You can get that messaging out much clearer and people understand your brand and they can relate to it a lot better when you know where you're moving and who you are."

Caroline also notes it's important to have resources you can rely on when you're a small business, like My Business.

"Having a resource in the My Business website where we could go and everything was there... there was information about all the different areas that we were needing to think about at that given time. When you don't know what you don't know, that's a real challenge," Caroline said.

"Going somewhere where people know about business, they know what you need to think about, and it's all there in front of you, it gave us that trust."

Listen to learn what it was like dealing with the initial shock of the mandatory closure, how to capitalise on time away from a bricks and mortar operation and how to keep customers engaged in your revamped brand when you’re physically, emotionally and financially beat.

Top 10 business champion

Spa House Tasmania has been recognised as a Top 10 Business Champion in our Together in Business member recognition program. 

Disclaimer: Our guests are real business owners and their experiences are their true stories. The guests express views and opinions that are from their own learnings and insights.

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