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Formaggi Ocello

Formaggi Ocello was established in 2001 and caters to cheese enthusiasts across Sydney in both its retail store and markets across the city. 

Savouring tradition with Formaggi Ocello

Sogna Ocello and her husband Carmelo started Fromaggi Ocello 19 years ago and has since grown to a well-established and respected business in the heart of Surry Hills, Sydney. Their mission is to bring rare, interesting and traditional cheeses that have been made for hundreds of years to the Australian market.

Sogna recognises digital marketing has played a huge role in the success of Formaggi Ocello, acknowledging that e-commerce is really important: "It took us a number of years to get onto social media, and that was a really big mistake when we look back at it."

"E-commerce is really important, so I do believe that we'll be investing a lot more time and money into our website, social media, and the logistics of how to get a product quicker and faster to our customers."

"We're such a niche store. There's not many cheese shops, not many people who specialize in cheese. So people who love the product want to deal with people who are passionate, I suppose."

The business has called on outside help when necessary, saying: "We have brought in outside expertise in areas of marketing, and now our events are selling out quite quickly, just due to social media and Facebook, Instagram."

Formaggi Ocello is also a proud member of My Business, crediting the reasons for joining as: "access to networking, legal advice, advice with my marketing as well, and just to be part of the community."

Customers want people who love the product, [they] want to deal with people who are passionate.

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