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Packserv Australia

Rather than wait for a mature business to stagnate, Packserv decided to take matters into their own hands so they reached out to the Australian Government's Entrepreneurs' Program, delivered in partnership with My Business. Working with the Entrepreneurs Program, Packserv identified a need to expand their business and premises. 

Unpacking the future with Packserv 

Expansion plans were assisted significantly in January 2020 when Packserv used the $20,000 Business Growth Grant (in matched funding) to refine systems and plan their relocation to larger premises.

At the same time, the business invested in several improvements, including a Management Development Programme utilising 360-degree performance management systems which supported the team in managing change.

In defining its structure for growth, Packserv employed marketing and social media capabilities to generate the launch of its new website.

The formulation of Packserv’s Business Evaluation Action Plan through the Entrepreneurs Program was crucial to the rate of growth they’ve enjoyed, and the introduction of networking opportunities have opened their eyes to possibilities they had no idea existed.

Packserv’s focus on diversifying its business model has positioned it to play an ongoing role to support Australian manufacturing. 

Are you looking for practical support to drive business growth? 

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme delivers advice and grants to enable high-potential businesses and businesses impacted by the summer bushfires to strengthen, grow, innovate and
commercialise nationally and globally. 

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