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Talisker Port Ruighe, by Talisker

This whiskey is a new development for Talisker and it certainly does not disappoint.

Product details:

  • Brand: Talisker (Diageo)
  • Type: Scotch whiskey, single malt
  • Vintage: 
  • Region: Isle of Skye, Scotland
  • RRP: $99.95

A high resolution photo of Talisker Port Ruighe


There’s always a danger that a wine-finished malt won’t hit the mark.

The Port Ruighe (pronounced ‘port ree’) combines all the best characteristics of the area – a full body with an equal mix of sweetness from the port and the lasting but not overpowering peaty finish that typifies a good Talisker.

This one was a thoroughly enjoyable discovery. It drinks well neat – maybe with a naughty bit of dark chocolate on the side.



Talisker Port Ruighe, by Talisker
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